1. suecheshireuk

    Jet2 announces winter flights to Dalaman and Antalya from Birmingham.

    Or Dalaman and Antalya to Birmingham..... Please don't ask me for the link because I will have to search for it again. . and I can't be bothered (sorry, in a lazy mood) but it's just a heads up. I can't actually see any flights yet from Dalaman, but there are some from Antalya, the prices for...
  2. Akasya

    Julie Hambleton Birmingham

    I watched the BBc news this morning , a news slot included an interview with Julie Hambleton , whose sister Maxine died as a consequence of the Birmingham Pub bombing. Julie Hambleton - Birmingham Mail I write this as i am truly gobsmacked at the strength and feeling of her eloquent and...
  3. yalimart

    Birmingham So its true then Spurs ? Martin
  4. B

    Birmingham Schools.

    Trojan horse plot report: 'disturbing' evidence of intolerant Islamic ethos - Telegraph Spurs, It looks like you might have been right regarding your concerns as to what was going on in some Birmingham Schools...
  5. Spurs

    Tensions in Birmingham

    Still awaiting further details but this area is mainly Somali & Pakistani "owned". Its inevitable that you cant keep mixing these people, tolerance is none exsitant on this particular road in Birmingham. BBC News - One dead and two injured in Birmingham knife and gun disorder
  6. beyazbayan

    Birmingham college Niqab Ban

    Birmingham college bans Muslim students from wearing religious veils for 'security reasons' Read more: Muslim students banned from wearing niqab at Birmingham Met college for 'security reasons' | Mail Online Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  7. L

    Birmingham to Bodrum

    Anyone out there on the 11.15am flight on Friday 17th from Birmingham to Istanbul and or the flight Istanbul to Bodrum a couple of hours later? If so let me know if you want to meet, I'm travelling alone so company would be nice
  8. L

    Flights from BIrm-Bodrum for sale 20 May-28 May

    2 tickets worth £460 plus I x 20 kg luggage. Flights are with TomsonFlights. Birmingham to Bodrum FOR SALE FOR £325 for both...aftername changes done. Contact Paul on the forum/email or PM Regards Paul
  9. clatchyrock

    Birmingham 3

    Three British born Muslims from Birmingham have been found guilty of planning terrorist suicide attacks in the UK, which would have eclipsed the 7/7 attacks. The group would have used rucksack bombs and also remote controlled bombs. The devastation and loss of life could have gone into...
  10. gerald

    NEC Birmingham on 28th - 30th September 2012

    Free e Ticket for those that want to go The next A Place in the Sun Live takes place at NEC Birmingham on 28th - 30th September 2012, where you will find hundreds of agents selling property from all around the world, as well as seminars, interviews, celebrity signings and advice sessions - all...
  11. K

    Flight for sale Dalaman to Birmingham 30th July

    Hi, due to change of circumstances, I have a extra seat available on my booking. Flight departs Dalaman at 23:00hrs, arriving in Birmingham at 01:25. There's currently no extra baggage with the booking, but can be added for £16. £60 ono, please send me a private message if interested! Thanks
  12. N

    How many from Birmingham in Altinkum?

    how many people from birmingham live in altinkum
  13. B

    Hello from Birmingham U.K.

    I would just like to say a big hello to everyone on the forum. For many years now I have been one those who have been in the back ground reading all the comments posted. I have found a lot of the advice posted to be very useful and came in handy when buying our own apartment in Altinkum. I would...
  14. Summertime

    The Birmingham Six

    On tv now tonight, last week is was about another of Birmingham Six, this week a new one. What a horrible storry, and how to make up this. Poor people. Tonight about Johnny Walker.
  15. Yalides

    New London to Birmingham rail link

    Apparently the Government have agreed on the new proposal for the new high speed rail link between Birmingham and London.
  16. S

    Flights Birmingham to Bodrum

    Due to a family crisis we have 2 tickets available fron Birmingham to Bodrum on the evening of the 19th Sept. Theses are with Thomas Cooke and will require a name change. Best offer gets. please pm me
  17. Spurs

    Single ticket to Birmingham

    One single ticket to Birmingham from Bodrum available. Departs 24/10/2011 at 16 40, arrives 19 00. Buyer pays for name change. Offers.
  18. giglets

    Police Shot at (11 times) during Birmingham riots.

    Probably more like this to come. BBC News - West Midlands police release new Birmingham riot images
  19. B

    Peace Rally in Birmingham

    BBC News - Peace rally held in Birmingham after riot deaths I think this shows what can happen when people put their minds to it. Let's hope it succeeds. Bill.
  20. zuberdust

    3 Asian boys die in hit and run in Birmingham

    :( this is so sad... and horrible, parents have lost thier only child and a new expecting wife has lost her new husband.... only cos they were trying to protect thier community! read this article... BIRMINGHAM RIOTS: Tariq Jahan tells how thugs killed son Haroon and his 2 friends | Mail Online
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