1. bickern

    For all bird lovers (flying kind) - Love it

    For all bird lovers (flying kind).

    Turkish bird's

    Have never been one for wallowing in my pit and other than a over ambitious evening on the cooking sherry I up and at it by 6.30. But recently my neighbours turkish birds has me rising from my slumbers well before 5.00am with an unholy rendition of cock...a...diddle! Now appreciate that...
  3. martirkz

    Strange Bird noise

    Last Thursday we heard a very weird sound coming from the tree's at the front of our house, it sounded like a distress call, a loud Keey-ock Keey-ock. Didn't know what it was and couldn't see anything, the following day same thing happened but again no bird could be seen although the calls where...
  4. v6cod

    Secrets of Bird Photography

    Free book online, Secrets of Digital Bird Photography Very in depth and covers most everything you need to know.
  5. v6cod

    Just a common bird

    but when you actually look at them properly I think they are great looking birds this next one is not as common as the House Sparrow above but beautiful birds as well, this was taken at fairly long range and I have had to heavily crop it. A Great White Egret
  6. v6cod

    A trip to Calis Bird Reserve

  7. v6cod

    Bird Migration

    Just noticed the first winter migration flocks heading south. Flock after flock of birds have been passing overhead some maybe only 50 or so birds but a few larger groups in the hundreds.
  8. v6cod

    Bird Watching trip

    Went on a bird watching trip today, started off driving up to Alan a high plateau above Koycegiz. Birds seen Northern Wheatear, Isabelline Wheatear, Whinchat (juvenile), Masked Shrike (juvenile), Red backed Shrike (female). On the drive back to Koycegiz spotted a Woodchat Strike on the...
  9. Briand

    Bird stealing

    I want one lol Briand.
  10. raven

    Bird Association Turkey - Help Please

    Hi We have Owls living around our apartment they are supposed to be rare and they now have chicks, I was wondering if there was a bird association like the RSPB in Turkey where I could report them. I haven't managed to get a pic of them yet, they are out during the day which is odd but...
  11. B

    Bird spotted and wanted to share this

    A couple of weeks ago outside my apartment in Gumbet I was lucky enough to see this hopping along. I thought there was no way I would have time to get my camera but it did a full length of the path and back again straight past me. It's a Hoopoe.
  12. denise bannell

    avairy style bird cage for sale

    I have a avairy stlye bird cage for sale size 102x142x60 in black and yellow roof not included cost over a thousand tl new some minor work needed on legs 200 tl or near offer picture of cage on photo gallery in the garden
  13. shirleyanntr

    sweet bird in Tansaş

    We were shopping in Tansaş a few days ago and i'd just got some bread and when i turned round Yusuf was tearing the wrapping off and breaking a chunk of bread. Stop it Yusuf i said you cant be that hungry, wait til we get home... havent you seen it he asked... what..? the bird...i thought...
  14. v6cod

    Useful bird watching site

    Have just found this so if anyone is interested in those feathered friends it holds some useful information. birdwatching | bird | watching | dalyan | turkey
  15. H

    Lost Bird

    My large white Umbrella cockatoo got out today in the Kardag area of Dalyan. Please if anyone sees her she is friendly and may well say hello but can bite. Will you please call me on dalyan 2591
  16. Miss Money Penny

    Bird cage?

    Please can anyone in the Yalikavak area lend my friend a bird cage? she has two budgies that need to be seperated as one is unwell.
  17. U

    Thrush (Bird)

    We have had a thrush in our garden all winter. In the 8 years we have been here this is the first one we have seen in Turkey. Anyone else seen any?
  18. R

    What is the name of the bird?

    While out walking today we came across a very special looking bird. It kept flying off as we got closer to it and we didn't have a camera on us.:frown: We wondered if there was someone who could tell straightaway by our description what bird it was. Is there a website to look on for Birds of...
  19. T

    bird cage

    hi has anyone got a bird cage for sale,or does anyone now were i can get one in dalaman.cheers tony
  20. v6cod

    Çaliş Bird Reserve

    Can anyone give me directions to the Çaliş Bird Reserve coming from Dalaman apparently it is located between the Şat Restaurant and Çaliş Canal but I haven't got a clue how to get there. If there any birdwatchers out there (the feathered variety KKOB) I plan to have a trip there when we are out...
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