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    british to pay for bins now

    has anyone else heard this news that british people have to pay 1001Tl per year for roadside bins but the turkish residents dont have to pay, this is on top of the council tax we pay, hope someone can enlighten me ???? Benny
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    tax on bins for english

    I have just been informed, that english have to pay a tax for having BINS now but the turkish people dont, this is on top of the council tax, does anyone else know about this, ITS CRAZY!!!!! i know but need to know if this is for real? Benny:help::help:
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    Rubbish Bins

    Not sure what, if any, facillities have been provided by Curbanolgu for Whiterock residents to dispose of your Rubbish but there is surely not enough!! The four bins located on the road from Whiterock , at Bozuru, are regularly becoming full to overflowing. PLEASE - if the bins are FULL...
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    Akkaya - Rubbish Bins & Waste Collection

    With the ever growing population at Whiterock and other locations in the Akkaya we are suffering some problems with the disposal of rubbish from this area. We are a small community of seven villas located in Bozoru, on the road half way between Atakent and Akkaya. There are a total of five bins...
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