1. A

    Billy at Love Tours

    Does anyone have Billy at Love Tours email address or mobile number?
  2. John O' Dreams

    Billy Connolly

    The fantastic 'An Audience with Billy Connolly' has just started on ITV4.
  3. perfect1949

    billy no mate,s

    is this just a myth Or . do you feel like you are one ?. dave
  4. mollag

    Puffing Billy

    Any thoughts on the lack of comment on President Obama being a smoker? Bet he doesnt have to stand outside the Whitehouse in the rain to smoke his Capstan full strength, funny that innit?
  5. KKOB

    Billy Liar's Creator, Keith Waterhouse, Dies

    Fleet Street legend, playwright and TV scriptwriter Keith Waterhouse dies aged 80 Keith Waterhouse dies, aged 80 | Mail Online
  6. L


    Hi, I am looking at buying 2 flats at GalaTown has anyone heard of it or know anything about it? It is not near Kurtkoy or F1 area, I believe it is a new area? Anyone know anything?
  7. Pennie

    billy no mates looks like this billy no mates has lost her phone. Recieved a PM from Kofteman telling me the sale he had lined up had fallen through for various legitimate reasons, and that the phone was mine if I wanted it and then reading through the days input on the forum find I'm being...
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