1. A

    Paying bills...

    Just out of interest, for those people who have a property in turkey and use it as a holiday home, how do you pay your bills? Say you were visiting every six weeks or so - your electricity, water and internet etc do you pay by direct debit and transfer money from uk account to Turkish? We are...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Boo Hoo, we have to pay our utility bills

    Saudi Arabian authorities have detained 11 princes after they gathered at a royal palace in Riyadh in a rare protest against the government suspending payment of their utility bills, the public prosecutor said on Dec. 6. My heart goes out to these poor souls Eleven Saudi princes detained...
  3. suzyq

    Higher Electric Bills?

    The total amount of water collected in major Turkish dams decreased by 30 percent in the first five months of 2017 compared to the same period of last year, raising the prospect of increased electricity prices in the future, daily Habertürk reported May 31. The water collected in the first five...
  4. H

    Inclusive of bills

    As a rule do long term rental costs include bills or are they additional?
  5. S

    Electric bills

    Probably been asked before but whats the score about other electric companies you will be able to use that will be in direct competition to Aydem ? I see Aydem are giving a 5% discount on bills if you sign up for two years but being a cynical old git I don't believe in free lunches
  6. K

    Possible Reduction of UK Energy Bills

    There has been a shift towards group buying of energy and other products to get a bulk deal. This ad may interest some folk, sorry it's only for UK mainland, not available in NI. The aim is to bring down the individual costs of fuel bills. You can register without obligation and you dont have to...
  7. S

    Paying Electricity Bills

    Hello forum Has anyone any information about paying electricity bills, a friend asked me to pay his and I’m unable to pay it. The chap at the post office says it is a new directive and bills can no longer be paid at bank, post office or internet unless the owner of the property has been to...
  8. stmary

    Road tax bills

    Hi ,has anybody had their road tax bills yet in the 3rd beach area and if so roughly how much are they . Thanks
  9. N

    Utility bills

    Is there a charge to take your name off the 3 utility bills if you are fully paid up in didim.
  10. G

    water bills in Dalyan

    I am new to the forum so apologies if this subject has been discussed before. Does anyone have the details for the bank account for paying the water bills to the new authority? I found out about the change when I was in Dalyan last month, but too late to pay cash before returning to UK. I have...
  11. Mushroom

    Water leaks and bills.

    As one of three owners who have incurred hefty water bills from apparent defective outdoor stop cocks to our properties and with bills to be paid even though the stopcocks are the responsibility of the water company, replaced free of charge but no waiving of the bill, has anyone else in the...
  12. B

    Water Bills

    I pay my water bills by direct debit but there has not been a payment made for some considerable time. Is this because of the changes in the administrative set up or have I, for some reason, slipped through the net? I would prefer to pay every two months as before rather than get a huge bill...
  13. E

    Paying Turkish Electric bills from UK

    Does anyone know how to pay electric direct from U.K. I have been logged out of my internet banking so cannot do it that way. In the past all my electric payments were automatically paid when they were due. For some unknown reason this has stopped. There is more that enough money in my current...
  14. T

    Bus Passes for over 65's & Water Bills!

    Some helpful info on changes to the above in the LOL online newspaper :) Belediye Buses and your Water Bills « Land of Lights ? Local English Newspaper ? Fethiye
  15. A89

    New place to pay water bills??

    Ive heard that in Alanya we no longer pay water bills at the Belediye but at a new office near the police station. Anyone know if theres any truth in this? alison
  16. A

    not- paid bills for three months???

    Hello Everyone, I am living in Izmir, Goztepe. While still being in Turkey, I couldn't manage to find a way for paying my bills( Internet- TTNET; Water- IZSU:\; Electricity- TEDAS)online. The last bills I paid, were those for June 2013, as after it I started my journey. I am going back to...
  17. A

    Garanti not paying electris bills

    It would appear that the Didim branch of Garanti bank has not paid many peoples electric direct debits this month. Consequently disconnection notices have been slapped on dozens of peoples metres in Akbuk and I assume many more in Didim. Notices were issued in Akbuk on Saturday 17 Aug 2013...
  18. M

    Water usage / Bills

    hello everyone, just settling in to our newly built villa, unfortunately its coming up to our last few days. Can anyone give us a bit of a heads up on what to expect as far as water bills are concerned, we have 3 bed villa and 12mtr pool in gulpinar area, do bills come every month or quarterly...
  19. M


    hi everyone can you please give us some idea how much the average bills would be for electric & water for a 3 bed villa with pool per month also the costs for running the average family car including insurance,road tax, mot, and fuel per year thankyou in advance Martin & Sharon
  20. K

    Who is responsible for the bills

    I've just returned after 8 days at my new complex apartmentment. I've been told until you receive the Tapu the water, electricity & maintainance are on the builders name. A couple of people on the complex said they'd paid silly money to the complex for their water & electric. When I said it...
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