1. G

    Question Paying Water bill in Calis

    Does anyone know how we can pay our bill for our property in calis? Can this be done online?
  2. IbrahimAbi

    R.I.P Bill Withers

    Now there truly 'ain't no sunshine'. R.I.P Bill
  3. H

    Bill and Linda - it's your birthday/s

    Have a splendid day both of you ! Hilary x
  4. J

    Setting Up Water DD

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to set up a water direct debit in Garanti on my app from the UK but I'm having trouble with my subscriber number. My bill show a 4 figure 'Abone' but Garanti is asking for a 9 character entry. Can anyone help me figure out what I need please? Thanks Jonathan
  5. Neil_Denizli

    any friends of bill here?

  6. ScoobyZ

    Electric Bill (ELectric switched off)

    Hi I have had a couple of small Electric bills for my Holiday Home (first year of ownership) But we haven't been there since October. First was 10.56 Lira second is 25.90 lira. Any idea if there standing charge now? Company is AYDEM ESAŞ I tried to email but that auto replies and directs me...
  7. Jaycey

    Stork incurs hefty phone bill

    The tracker, which was put on the stork last year, showed that he covered a distance of over 6,000 kilometres since flying out of the central eastern Polish town of Siedlce. The bird settled in the Blue Nile Valley in Sudan in February before he, and the tracker, were reported missing...
  8. M

    Water bill

    Hi all Can anybody tell me if we can pay our water bill on-line through the bank. We are with the HSBC in Turkey and pay our electric and wi-fi that way when we’re back in England, by just clicking on the drop down list - we’re with Aydem and Vodaphonenet - but I can’t find anything on the...
  9. M

    BT Bill

    As a lot of members live both in Turkey and the UK, I thought I would put this heads up for information. Just received our BT bill. We are on a package that gives almost everything free. The bill showed one number chargeable. Neither of us recognized it or the time spent on the number, shown...
  10. H

    Water bill by direct debit

    I've been led to understand that many Turkish banks do not facilitate the payment if water rates by direct debit. Can somebody tell me a bank that does Thanks.
  11. Andrew and Mary

    Bill and June

    Hiya one and all, Trying to get in touch with Bill Turnbull of Bill and June fame. I am aware he has not been on here since 16th October last year. If anyone is in contact with him, could they contact me for my email address to forward to him please. Many thanks M
  12. S

    Setting Up DD to Pay Electric Bill

    Am I correct in thinking that to set up a DD to pay electic bills to Aydem all I need to do is go into my bank with a copy of a bill or electricity account number and they will do the rest. We were switched over to Aydem last October from the local builders tarrif and it was too late to arrange...
  13. pepperkat

    Article 50 Bill passed

    The Article 50 bill has passed by 498 to 114
  14. H

    Happy Birthday Bill and June

    Wishing you a very Happy Day !
  15. S

    More missing members

    Another 3 good eggs, missing off TLF Millilove Lara Guz There are too many going missing. I do think there's something underhand going on. We demand to be told the truth!!!! Alien abduction? Illuminati? Lizard people kidnapping? Fed up of tossers on Tlf?
  16. T

    Changing names on the Electricity Bill

    Hi, we would like to change the name on our Electricity Bill to our names, which Aydem office in Fethiye do we need to go to and what is the location. Also what documents should we take, Electricity Bill, Tapu & Passports?
  17. M

    Paying water bill by Direct Debit

    Does anyone know how to set up automatic payment of the water bill? This now comes from the Mugla Buyuksehir not from the Datca Belediye, and I have no arrangements in place to pay it automatically. Instead I have to go to the Belediye and pay it in cash. There has to be a better way! Has...
  18. catweazle

    Complex bill payments

    Hi does anyone happen to know the legalities of a complex management paying for casual work to be done, as in the odd couple of hours gardening and general work. I know cash cant just be handed over without possible repercussions but can it be done if they provide an invoice and what does this...
  19. Spurs

    The bill or a bullet?

    I think they only had a bowl of soup. :-(
  20. B

    Happy Birthday to June of Bill & June

    My wish is for a very happy Birthday to my wife June today (of Bill & June), as June doesn't post on the forum. Bill.
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