1. edeller

    Bikes and Scooters

    Test rode one of those Aurora electric bikes in Gumusluk the other day. Fabulous thing, a little flimsy yes but if it had been able to get me up Myndos Hill, he'd of had a sale. No where near powerful enough. Been looking around to see what else is available, waiting for some responses. I...
  2. R

    Electric bikes any good?

    I was in Didim the other day and I saw a three wheel electric bike. It is like a scooter at the front but has a platform on the back with a seat and plenty of room for shopping etc. The salesman told me it has two motors and will do 100kl. per charge. It will do about 30m.p.h. He assured me...
  3. zozatky

    Quad bikes

    Web address needed of the dealer in Fethiye please
  4. B

    push bikes

    I am looking to buy two bikes one ladies and one mans, has anyone got either or both for sale somewhere in the Dalyan area
  5. james fowler

    Advice on electric bikes please

    Hi Everyone we have a house on the Yunuskoy Sitesi about 6k outside Yalikavak whilst we are both there we will have a hire car but my wife will spend some time on her own & is considering buying an electric bike. Can anyone give us any advice i.e. where can we buy one, what is the cost, will...
  6. B

    Quad Bikes

    Because of the problems with cars (taxes etc) we have decided to get 2 quad bikes when we finaly move to Turkey later this year and just rent a car when we have visitors, does anyone know of the rules taxes,insurence,driving licence required etc regarding these quads. Many Thanks Dave
  7. C

    Enduro Motor cycle bikes clubs etc

    Hi Dennis would like to buy a Enduro motor cycle Yamaha KTM etc does any one know where he can buy one also does anyone else have thease or interests in going out as friends or club when in Dalaman and surrounding arears. Thanks :fencing:
  8. paddington bear

    Bikes on Planes

    :help: Has anybody taken a bike on a plane to Turkey by Thomas Cook. If so what is the approximate cost. I once saw one of the Easyjet programmes on TV and the bike had to be sort of taken to bits and wrapped up. Does anyone know if this is the case with all airlines. Sue
  9. Jillyj

    How much are mountain bikes

    Does anyone know how much a mountain bike costs? Thinking of cyling to work to slim down this wide load im carrying around these days!!!!! Cheers Jilly
  10. kaplumba

    Taking bikes to Turkey

    Has any one taken bicycles to Turkey by plane? If so please can you post details such as - how much it cost, was there any damage to bikes, how did you pack them, airline used etc. Thanks in anticipation.
  11. denise bannell

    Folding Bikes

    Folding mountain Bikes I have 2 top of the range folding mountain bikes worth about £900 each, bad shoulder and :splat: messed my foot up dropped a log on it hence no bike riding haven not even used them yet. So anyone wants a bike for £150.00 each
  12. T

    Electric Bikes

    Having seen electric push bikes in Altinkum, can anyone please help with details of a local dealer and what are the prices. :crazy: Thanks Thelma
  13. R

    Mountain Bikes

    Hi Everyone. We are thinking about buying mountain bikes as it's quite flat(ish) around Dalaman. You can buy them quite cheaply in the UK now and it costs £35 to take them on the flight with us (excel). Don't know how much they are over there-has anyone bought one or any kind of bike, and how...
  14. murdo


    Thought it would be nice to buy some decent (not ott) mountain-type bikes for John and I and two bikes for the kids while we rae over. This way we can tootle about. How much are decent bikes there? Jackie
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