1. Jaycey

    Dockless hire bikes.

    London's first dockless hire bike scheme launches Let’s hope it will be more successful than this one… pulls out of France due to 'mass destruction' of its dockless...
  2. S

    E Bikes

    Has anyone any experience of ebikes? Like the idea of getting about with good exercise yet having a bit of help on hills and distances Any experiences welcomed
  3. H

    Bikes for sale in YALIKAVAK:

    Bikes for sale in YALIKAVAK: 2 very good mountain bikes in excellent condition 1 x GHOST SPECIAL EDITION 1150 SE ONE (Gents) 1 x GHOST MISS ACTION EDITION M1150 (Lady’s) Originally 1200 TL each, asking price 600 TL each or 1100 TL for both. If you buy both, the “Universal trunk bike carrier”...
  4. S

    Second hand bikes wanted

    We want to buy 2 bikes - mountain bike style for adults. Anybody selling second hand or know where to buy good and reasonable price new bikes in or around Datca? Thanks
  5. S

    Mountain bikes for sale

    Hi We have a ladies and mens mountain bikes for sale brought over from the uk Both are Carrera bought from halfords. Front suspension disc brake aluminium frame both in very good condition. Mans has upgrades forks and handle bars Anyone interested please drop me a line
  6. paddington bear

    Taking Bikes from Turkey to UK

    A friend of mine in the UK has asked me if I know how he could get his 3 electric bikes back to the UK. He has asked the airline and they said he could possibly take 1 back with him. The only way I thought he may get them back would be by DHL or shipping but shipping may be too expensive...
  7. Sha Hoorsur


    When bikes are mentioned on this forum there seems to be quite a few bikers giving their opinion. How many bikers are on here, and what bikes do they have? I have a Harley Sportster and a 1979 Kawasaki Z1300. The Sportster is an ok bike for buzzing around town on, the big Kwak is a work in...
  8. W

    Wanted - bike(s)

    Boys bike or adult bike wanted (or both). Can collect if anywhere between Mugla and Fethiye. thanks Steve
  9. B

    Top spec bikes with SPD pedals for rent

    Hi guys. Have a guest arriving in about 10 days and turns out he is a cycling enthusiast . I mean so enthusiastic his wife considers him mad.x He has asked me if any bike rental outlets have SPD pedals. Some research tells me these are cycling shoe connectable pedals . Your cycling shoe...
  10. S

    Altinkum - Bikes Wanted, Ladies and a Boy's aged from 11

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have a couple of bicycles for sale please - One Boys (age 11) and one ladys/unisex bike in the altinkum area? Or can anyone tell me where I can buy a couple of (very) cheap bikes in altinkum please? A million thankyous in advance. Linda & Tony
  11. L

    Mounting bikes on planes?

    I want to take my mountain bike with me to turkey and wondered if any one has taken one on a plane and how do you go about it and are there costs involved.I am flying with Pegasus if airlines differ?
  12. partypixie

    Quad Bikes licence

    I passed my UK driving test in 1982 and originally had a 50cc scooter on it and the category that included quads and 3 wheel bikes. At some point the UK changed the categories and now a Quad comes into B1 which isn't on my licence. I am about to get my Turkish licence and just want to know...
  13. keny

    Electric bikes

    Did anyone buy an electric bike when the appeared in Migros altinkum last year? Are you happy with your bike and is it fine for short journeys/I beleive they can do 18Km on one charge.Has there been any problems?What sort of guarantee did you get and were you able to get extra guarantee? A lot...
  14. K

    importing bikes

    :23: hi anyone tried importing mountain bikes they are easy enough to get on the plane for a charge just wondered what would happen when i got to turkish customs :biggrin:
  15. M

    Bikes in Antalya

    Hi Iam a neewbi to the area just wondering where i can go to get a decent ladies bicycle i am looking for a road bike
  16. D

    i got fed up with looking for bikes so,,,

    i looked on sahibinden and found this,,,,,its as new and only 92 exist in the world--only 5 outside germany!
  17. C

    Electric sccoters/ bikes

    Hi Has anyone got any info on the efficiency of elecric scooters? We pay out so much on car hire each year, and in the summer months, a lot of the time, the car is not used. We are considering buying a couple of electric scooters for running about locally but need a bit more info regarding how...
  18. P

    Buying Bikes

    Our Bike buying Saga I promised one or two people that I would give details of our experience buying bikes. First of all . Let me say that buying the bikes was the easy bit. Handing over my credit card was a little painful , but it had to be done. Mag decided some weeks ago...
  19. B

    Looking for Used bikes Akbuk/Didim

    Anyone have any used bike up for sale? anything would do. We are coming down over Easter and then again in June and it would be nice to get something to get us down the the beach. // Björn, Karia Club and Sweden
  20. arrian

    bikes for offenders

    is it April Fools Day? best laugh i've had all week reading this! BBC News - Police to give bikes to ex-offenders
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