1. bal canavar

    Bikers out there Question Please

    A friend tweeted a picture he took in London , in the summer.of what looks like two super street bikes . I wondered what make they were any info on them.
  2. mollag

    Hairy bikers

    Have changed, they aren't the leather clad bearded TT blokes I remember, well, this chap,s built funny to my mind!
  3. arrian

    Hairy Bikers

    i've just been reading about a new 4 part programme that the Hairy Bikers are doing. it seems they have both lost 3 stone in weight, and this show will, i hope, be showing tasty, simple, low calorie foods. i usually enjoy their food progs, as most of the meals they cook are fairly easy to do, so...
  4. V

    Charity Bikers Reach Dalyan

    Dalyan will tomorrow welcome two UK motorbike riders who will cross the finishing line at the end of their 2,000 mile sponsored trip in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief. Martin Woodnett and his friend Malcolm Robertson are expected to arrive in Dalyan tomorrow, Friday 27 May at between 1230 and...
  5. shirleyanntr

    the bikers have arrived

    the 47 th presedential bike race is reaching the final stage... you can watch them coming into Alanya on TRT1... Alanya is looking great ..some wonderful aerial shots.. they are coming up the 35 metre road coming as far as Tosmur rounabout and then they will carry on down the sea front road ...
  6. juco


    I didnt want to hijack PL douglas and his thread on the funeral. (bikers) It always amazes me the amount of stick that bikers get from many members of the public and how they have such a bad reputation, much of what they do goes unoticed including the many charities they support. The utube...
  7. jnj

    Hairy Bikers

    For those with access to SKY TV, on channels 259 and 260 at 19.30 and 20.30 tonight (Bank holiday Monday), the Hairy Bikers are in Turkey. Great show starts in Capadoccia with a wonderful mezes.
  8. Andy

    UK Bikers & Fishermen

    Lidl's in the UK are doing very good and reasonable prices for the motorcycle and fishermen enthusiasts. IE Jet Helmets £20 Plug in Chargers £5 Motorbike covers £9 Leather Gloves £13 Boots £13 Balaclavers £5 Hands Free Speaker £5 Rain Suits £10 + jackets...
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