1. S

    RIP Big Jack Charlton

    Footballing hero and honorary Irishman You were a star Jack, Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam
  2. E

    new law that carries big fines from offices to apartments with concierge,

    A new law that is being sneaked in that carries fines for business owners to apartment caretakers . latest regulation in the Occupational Health ad Safety Law as of july 1 2020. I only put it on because will big complex fall under this...
  3. G

    A big hello from Ellie & Gary

    Hi everybody hoping to come out as soon as possible after the Corona virus has passed hoping to get somewhere to rent in the Marmaris region for at least one year as me and my wife have now retired, we have spent many years travelling to Turkey on holidays and would love of to be able to live...
  4. S

    Happy big girl and me!!

    27 years ago today the big girl and me were shackled together I bet she thinks time has just flew!!!
  5. bickern

    A jihadi wife rejected seven houses because they weren’t big enough

    One particular woman, who has rejected seven different houses because they weren’t big enough, or not in the right place, or something. This discerning, some might say ‘picky’, mother-of-two is suing Brent Council, in North-West London, for — yep, you guessed — breaching her yuman rites. On...
  6. Tenpin

    Nearly half a million ‘zombie cars’ create big risk on Turkey’s roads

    Now here is something I can believe :27: Nearly half a million ?zombie cars? create big risk on Turkey?s roads - BUSINESS Snippet: According to a fresh report from the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM), more than 43,000 vehicles were banned from hitting the roads in 2016 after...
  7. S

    Good call by a big hearted cop

    Big day

    For the day that's in it !
  9. Spurs

    No big deal

    I don't get it, what's the big deal about police dressing differently to catch villains? Isn't that what undercover cops do? In Marseille, police disguise themselves as Muslims to arrest drug dealer
  10. MiddleEarth

    CHP sweating small stuff-not seeing big picture

    CHP deputy sent to disciplinary council for dismissal over Atatürk portrait claim "Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy Aylin Nazlıaka was sent to the party's disciplinary council to be removed from the party after a vote at Sunday's party council meeting. Nazlıaka had previously claimed...
  11. bickern

    Little Big Man

    Can't beat a classic
  12. Spurs

    Big Mac, Big fine

    I think the EU is on a mission to nail US companies. McDonald's faces potential ?1bn EU tax avoidance probe - BBC News
  13. T

    Big brother is listening

    Tech giant Samsung has warned customers against discussing personal or sensitive information in front of its voice-activated televisions. At its simplest, the problem is that a TV designed to operate based on your voice is - by definition - listening. And it will send anything it hears for...
  14. beyazbayan

    Page is too big

    How do i reduce the size of the page to fit the screen. RH side is off the screen.
  15. MiddleEarth

    Encourage Big Brother to watch

    I recently read that if everyone posted everything about themselves on personal web pages, Facebook and elsewhere, that "Big Brother" would be awash in so much data that their super-duper 'puters could not filter all the data. Of course that might also allow a burglar to know when you are going...
  16. SLEEPY

    Does my ass look big in this !

    I was wondering if some of you folks could help me with a serious predicament that has been keeping me awake for the past few nights. Recently I have agreed, albeit reluctantly to attend this very upmarket and auspicious wine and cheese gathering in Yalikavak this coming THURSDAY evening.In...
  17. mollag

    The Big Stink

    Phewww! its whiffy here today in Gumusluk, the tip on the outskirts is on fire, nothing new there, but yesterday they bombed it with the water planes and chopper dropper, Today its like a London pea souper here at Adalar, near the Kadihan junction. Every cloud as they say, I can give my shower a...
  18. suzyq

    Turkey in state of alarm against ISIL attacks in big cities

    As reports of members of the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) being seen in various parts of the country appear in the media, the Intelligence Unit of the Security General Directorate (EGM) has issued a warning for all the 81 provinces to be on guard against 22 bomb-loaded...
  19. MiddleEarth

    Big Brother is watching us in Turkey

    Turkey's telecom body given more power to monitor internet users Turkey’s Telecommunications Directorate (TİB) has been granted the authority to monitor Internet users and block websites and their content without court permission, according to a new proposal made by the ruling party late Sept...
  20. D

    Big Cruise ships coming to Fethiye

    I have been reading recently about a new major effort locally by a determined, optimistic,group of people to make an area of Fethiye ( Harbour) a recognised location `stop over ` several days in a week for big Ocean going Cruise ships. Personally and selfishly I hope it doesn`t...
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