1. skydog

    Turkey Bids For 2020 Olympics

    OTHERS - Istanbul unveils 2020 Olympic bid slogan: Bridge Together
  2. J

    Olympics 2012 my bids in.....

    Hi, Have just put my bid in for tickets for the Olympics 2012, Athletics in the main stadium and Football at good old St James' Park in Newcastle. So fingers crossed for the 24th June to see if I've been successful! Just curious has anyone else put bids in? Jan x
  3. Joe in Tasucu

    Mayor bids to keep BNP from Queen

    Boris Johnson intervenes to block BNP leader from attending Queen's garden party | Politics | I just don't understand how this happens in this day and age. I mean Elton John's met the Queen hasn't he? I think its wonderful that the BNP assembly member is confident enough to take...
  4. quebickh

    Great Bids For Property Owners

    From now on I do great bids for the owners who own properties in Kalkan. Great prices for transers and for looking after your properties. Please get contact with me from the e-mail address I wrote down to my user details
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