1. bal canavar

    Presidential bid

    This could be a good choice for people wanting to see the back of Erdogan ,having a strong Kurdish candidate . He can't win but will take a lot of votes away from AKP'S choice Erdogan. Some observers say Demirtaş's candidacy has come as a major challenge to Erdoğan's bid to get elected to the...
  2. Mushtaq

    Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'

    Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid', says deputy PM. Government will not yield to fraud probe, which targeted government and damaged national economy, Ali Babacan says. Turkey's government has said it is fending off a "mini-coup attempt" by elements in the police and judiciary who serve the interests...
  3. bickern

    Central bank hikes lending rate in bid to stem lira slide

    Looking to the left Lira Exchange Rates £1.00 (GBP)= 3.0517 €1.00 (EUR)= 2.6095 $1.00 (USD)= 1.9486 ------------------------------------------------------ Turkey's central bank raised its overnight lending rate by 50 basis points on Tuesday in a surprise bid to prevent a slide in...
  4. Mushtaq

    Germany blocks Turkey’s bid to join EU

    LUXEMBOURG — Germany has blocked the next step in the European Union’s membership talks with Turkey over Ankara’s crackdown on anti-government protests, a diplomat from an EU nation said Thursday. Berlin blocked the decision to open a new chapter in the long-running accession talks because...
  5. tykatem

    Turkeys EU bid

    EU seeks fresh start with Turkey on membership bid.... The EU's Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fuele, is visiting Turkey in an attempt to give new impetus to Ankara's stalled bid to join the bloc. Turkey opened accession talks with the EU in 2005, but they have been stalled for two years...
  6. altinkum kev

    suicide bid Altinkum

  7. teosgirl

    divorcee 53 in bid to save Turkish toyboy

    Divorcee, 53, in bid to save her Turkish toy boy from deportation after he outstayed his visa | Mail Online Haven't stopped laughing yet.... Charlotte
  8. bickern

    Istanbul to bid for 2020 Olympic Games

    Turkey's prime minister has said İstanbul is bidding to host the 2020 Olympic Games. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan formally declared Istanbul's bid Saturday. It is İstanbul's fifth attempt to host the games, after failed bids in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012. Erdoğan says, "We are...
  9. Mushtaq

    Turkey's EU membership bid could founder on wave of Islamophobia

    ISTANBUL — Millions of Europeans arrive here each year to visit historic sites like the Blue Mosque; to savour the aromas of roasting kebabs, barbecued fish and apple-flavoured water pipe smoke; and to haggle with merchants at the energy-oozing Grand Bazaar. But Turkey is increasingly unwelcome...
  10. ceemac

    EURO 2016 Bid

    Turkey intends making serious investment in stadium infrastructure and the enthusiasm of its fans as the cornerstones of its bid to host Euro 2016. Orhan Gorbon, the Turkish football federation's (TFF) project co- ordinator for the 2016 bid, said Monday in Istanbul that 920 million euros...
  11. ceemac

    Irish TD: Turkey’s EU bid ‘unthinkable’

    FINE GAEL’S European affairs spokesperson Lucinda Creighton has criticised the President for supporting Turkish membership of the EU, saying the idea "horrifies most ordinary citizens". Here C
  12. ceemac

    McAleese backs Turkey's EU bid

    Ireland remains a strong supporter of Turkey’s accession to the EU, President Mary McAleese has said on the second day of her official visit to the country. Here C
  13. ceemac

    Rangers Takeover Bid?

    PROPERTY developer Andrew Ellis could move a huge step closer to becoming the new owner of Rangers within the next 48 hours. The former QPR director is spearheading a £33million takeover bid of the club. Here C
  14. Martyn

    Milton Keynes Stadium part of the World Cup 2018 bid

    They have come a long way with a great stadium now recognised as part of the World Cup 2018 if we win the bid. It holds 22,000 now and can easily be converted to hold 45,000. I go there with my grandson sometimes. More Milton Keynes named in 2018 World Cup list | Football - Times Online
  15. gren

    Bid to arrest minister for Israeli war crimes

    Bid to arrest Ehud Barak in Britain rejected - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  16. ceemac

    Backing for Turkey's EU Bid

    Former Finnish president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Martti Oiva Kalevi Ahtisaarihas been hugely influential on a number of international issues during his storied, multi-decade diplomatic career. Ahtisaari's latest cause is working toward the accession of Turkey to the European Union. He led...
  17. Mushtaq

    Anger over Blair's bid to intervene in court case

    From David Charter in Brussels TONY BLAIR was accused last night of abusing his position by writing a secret personal appeal to the Turkish Prime Minister to stop his country’s courts imposing heavy fines on a British company. In the private letter leaked yesterday, Mr Blair appeared to...
  18. C

    Turkey hopes tourism boom helps it EU bid

    CNN Jan and Anita de Bruyne stood outside the Haghia Sophia, a magnificent 6th century building that was once the world's largest church but is now a museum in a country that is 99 percent Muslim. But the Dutch tourists weren't going inside. "I've seen it too many times," said Anita. Jan said...
  19. peter the postie

    Bid for a cheapie from brum
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