1. G

    Bicycles wanted (Alanya)

    Hi and greetings from sunny but rather chilly England! Galaxy Boy and I are heading out to Alanya at the end of April (2019) and after 14 years of making full use of local taxis, dolmus and buses, have decided it's time we tried some Turkish pedal-power and wondered if any TLFers had a couple...
  2. ali türkmen

    Looking to buy three city bicycles

    Hi. I want to buy 3 city bicycles. Two for adult ( male and female ) and one for boy ( 8-12 age ) . Thank you.
  3. W

    Second hand bicycles

    I was wondering is there anywhere in Mahmutlar or Alanya that sell second hand bicycles. I changed apartments last year and am a fair bit away from the centrum. Will be going out in August but thinking bad about buying new considering the amount of use they will get. Thanks.
  4. W

    bicycles for sale.

    Hi All, was wondering where is the best place in Alanya/Mahmutler to buy bicycles. I would be interested in a ladies and gents second hand or new. Was thinking that there must be a lot of second hand bicycles for sale as so many people are selling their apartments due to the recession in Europe.
  5. C

    Purchasing Bicycles in Yalikavak

    :help: I am seeking your advice in regard to bicycles during our stay in Yalikavak.We are 2 adults and a six year old whom is well able to cycle and without Stabilisers. Do I buy or rent? We Visit yearly and have our own place near the village a few minutes from the Thursday Market. With...
  6. Yalides

    Motorbikes and bicycles

    Won,t be long before someone is killed or injured by the maniacs riding their vehicles along the front at Yali. And its not just the Turks.
  7. S

    2 x Bicycles Wanted Belek/Kadriye area

    Hi We are looking for 2 cheap second hand bicycles to buy. We are hoping we wont have to go looking around Antalya as yet, but just wondered if there was anyone on here that new of any for sale even if it was a private sale rather than from a shop. We dont mind if they are old, as long as they...
  8. no-nem

    Bl***y Bicycles !!

    Yesterday I left The Yali area of Bodrum at 5pm with an expected appointment time in Kusadasi of around 6.45. As I came round a corner on the Torba rd. about 500m from the main Bodrum drag I came across a traffic jam. (in fact 2lanes wide). Nobody moving etc. I naturally thought there had been...
  9. M


    Can anyone tell me if bikes are available anywhere in the Akbuk/Altinkum area to purchase? We would like to buy the fully geared mountain bike variety. What sort of price should we expect to pay? Thanks. Maisie
  10. Marc

    Electric bicycles for rent

    Hi guys, My mother bought an electric bike the other day for her to potter around Akbuk on, I had test driven one a while back and was quite impressed. They go a tidy speed (about 15mph) and will cover as much as 30 miles on a single charge there are not too many hills in Akbuk that I think...
  11. O


    Can anyone point me in the direction of a pushbike shop in Altinkum. I expect the large supermarkets may be selling them,but I was wondering if there is a specialist shop anywhere in Altinkum? Bob
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