1. E

    Tea drinkers beware

    Painting tea and how to check it .
  2. U

    Yachties Beware!
  3. Camden

    Blackmail Beware

    I received this email below with my correct email address and one of my correct passwords once used by me, I have deleted them from the post below but they were correct .. I ignored this blackmail but got one 2 weeks later so I decided to see if there were examples of the same being...
  4. Camden

    Xmas beware

    Someone put on my twitter a notice of beware, and to pass it on. They complained but still on sale it seems, they bought this candle from Primark Sat for £5 be careful out there of some decorations.
  5. A89

    Armağan Yapı BEWARE!

    BE AWARE!!!!! I have previously had work done by Armağan & was very happy with it & gave him an excellent recommendation but people need to be careful now. Hes now got a big contract with Alanya Belediye & for other jobs he sends someone else. He'd given me a quote of 1000tl to paint my small...
  6. bickern

    Autofil scam - beware

    GOOGLE'S Chrome and other popular browsers could be tricked into revealing personal details including bank, user names, and email addresses - here's how to stop it happening to you. If you use Google's Chrome browser you should watch out for a new scam that could reveal all of your personal...
  7. yalimart

    Beware of Black and Brown People ! Ignorance or stupidity or both ? Martin
  8. D

    Beware of thieves

    This morning at 5.50 am I disturbed my neighbours house from being broken into ,well actually they were in the house taking cash when I disturbed them . Cash was taken which was not in a secure place . In dalyan this is rare but acts a reminder to us all that opportunist are about trying...
  9. J

    Beware of this man

    To all our friends in Dalaman, I feel that I need to warn you against having any dealings with Rod Harrison, who in the last couple of weeks has shown himself to be a cheat. a liar and a thief. Rod Harrison was paid by my wife and me to keep an eye on our Villa for us, pay bills when they fell...
  10. beyazbayan

    Beware the USA

    Obama deploys F-15C jets to Turkey can't drop bombs to protect US bombers | Daily Mail Online
  11. T

    Beware of Sunnyrentals

    My name is Chris and I live in the Tuzla area of Bodrum Peninsula. Whilst I been a member for several years, and read all post with interest, I have not before today felt the need to add my comments. But today I want to raise the subject of a "worldwide rental website" called Sunnyrentals. Last...
  12. CKPR

    BEWARE of Telephone calls

    BEWARE: Just received a telephone call on our mobile from a 0850 number claiming to be from YASAM SAGLIK (SIGORTA) advising me that my Health Insurance was due for renewal and could I confirm the last 4 digits of my credit card and 3 digit security. In NO certain words told them to go away...
  13. J booking .......beware!!

    Booking.COM BE Ware!! I am writing this to inform others about this little trick people are playing there in istanbul. when you book on with these hotels, you get all this confirmation. you think its all done and your reservation is confirmed But when you turnup at the hotel they...
  14. JBK44

    owners direct beware

    On BBC watchdog, fraudsters hacked into payment transactions. Always pay by Visa credit cards or similar to protect your transaction and always call the owner before making any payments.
  15. J

    New Bitez Dondurma shop in Yalikavak - BEWARE

    Yesterday evening I was down in Yalikavak with my wife and son. My son fancied a waffle with ice cream, so we stopped at the new Bitez Dondurma shop (used to be Tameros) in the main precinct. We went up to the counter and ordered a waffle with ice cream, a white coffee, a can of coke and a...
  16. shirleyanntr

    love rats and ratesses beware

    Yes all you love rats that have been trying it on with me...take note you have to get past my little hottie at his insistence ive put him up for display..his muscles are as well honed as his teeth and watch out he has a job fending off would be ratters..and i have an equally had...
  17. bal canavar

    Beware Ladies

    According to the RTUK Turkeys equivalent of the broadcasting Authority the Shakira and Rhianna video "Can't remember to forget you " will make you Homosexual and has been banned and the two tv channels that showed it were fined I don't know if they also meant if men watched they to would be...
  18. J

    Downloadıng beware ın Turkey

    Heard on the Haber news last nıght that anyone ın turkey WHO downloads fılms etc wıll get fırstly a emaıl warnıng them to stop then ıf the person contınues to do thıs 3 tıes wıll receıve an automatıc fıne. So forewarned. Also ı went to my local DVD shop recently and the Jandarma had raıded...
  19. K

    Christmas parcels BEWARE!

    We have decided to post a consignment of parcels and bags (4 in total) from the UK rather than pay overweight baggage costs and carry tons of stuff with us, only to find when the parcels arrived (or half of them anyways) that the law has recently changed (AGAIN), which means anything sent in...
  20. beyazbayan

    Beware spurned lovers

    'Vindictive' pensioner torched his neighbour's home after she ended their fling - and refused to pay him for mowing her lawn Malcolm Simpson, 68, (left) was jailed for seven years at Reading Crown Court for his 'wicked' campaign against Alison Biggs, setting fire to her house (right) in...
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