1. kemerkid

    bev timms - Happy Birthday

    Many Happy returns Bev.
  2. Mojive

    Bev Timms Happy Birthday :)

    Happy Birthday to you Bev :roundgrin Many Happy Returns :pressie: Have a lovely day:party: Mo xx
  3. Mojive

    Bev Timms Happy Birthday :)

    Happy Birthday:party: Bev have a lovely day:biggrin: :474cu: Mo xx
  4. S

    Thanks Shirleyann and Bev and Steve

    I have been using this forum for several years - i'm not one of the most active posters or thread starters but dip in most days for a look around. We got back from Turkey last week and before we went and whilst we were there I asked for some help and advice. Before we went I needed to get a...
  5. T

    Bev Tims - Happy Birthday Girl

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Bev :) Hope your special day is filled with fun, nice surprises & laughter :cheer2:
  6. Sirinyergirl

    Happy Birthday Ang, Bev Timms and everyone celebrating today

    Hope you all have a fabulous day today :474cu:
  7. Ms Who

    Happy Birthday Bev

    Gosh, lot of birthdays today! Only one I recognise is Bev Timms so happy birthday hon and wishing you a fab day :-) x
  8. M

    Hello from Colin & Bev

    We bought in Altinkum last year near to third beach. We currently have a pub in Nottingham but hope to retire in June 2007 and spend more time in Altinkum. We plan to move to Altinkum maybe 2008 when our dauaghter (Chana aged 17) finishes her studies. Any advice from you old hands would be...
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