1. arrian

    SMILING??? i bet you

    won't recognise who this is!!!! Yahoo! .
  2. Jaycey

    Bet you didn’t know this

    If you take a bowl of hot Mulligatawny soup and pour it over your laptop keyboard you get some very interesting results. I just did it so please take my word for it – no need to try it at home :mad:
  3. Lez Zetli

    Testing, ignore (but I bet you peek)

    Microsoft can't do maths:
  4. Spurs

    The Bet

    Had a football bet today: Everton to win. 2.20 WBA to win. 1.60 Bayern Munich to win. 1.80 L. Moskow to win. 2.50 Chelsea to win. 1.20 Stake 50TL Win 950.40TL The wife is in the UK. "Matthew, tonight I am going to be. One of those Brits propping the bar up.
  5. perfect1949

    i bet you never saw that one coming man/u fans

    Manchester United gets Van Persie , they kept that quite . dave Wenger - I had no choice | Arsenal News, Fixtures, Results, Transfers | Sky Sports
  6. arrian

    Bet you all say 'ahhhhh'a1

    isn't this the cutest thing!!
  7. perfect1949

    what would you rather bet

    shallow and rich or deep and skint ? Dave
  8. arrian

    bet you're glad to be in Turkey!!!

    High winds cause havoc on roads: Pedestrian killed after lorry overturns in city centre | Mail Online and snow expected too!!!
  9. J

    Bet that hurt!

    Riders survive huge crash!!! Riders survive huge crash - Yahoo! Eurosport
  10. arrian

    ouch! bet that was painful!

    Skinny dip leads to swollen tip for tourist: report - Yahoo! News UK :hehe sorry, shouldn't laugh, oh dear!
  11. arrian

    bet he think twice......

    .......before parking there again! Driver reverses car through wall of car park's seventh storey - Telegraph
  12. M

    I bet you didnot know some of these facts !

    FACTS ABOUT TURKEY * In terms of population, Turkey is the second largest country in Europe (after Germany), with 70+ million people. In 2020, it is projected to be the most populous European country, with a population of 83 million. * Four million Turks live abroad. Of that number, almost 2.5...
  13. bickern

    A £30 bet brings home £65,000 pot

    A man who put a total bet of £30 on the top three horses in the Grand National has won £65,000. Jason Darmody, from Swindon, selected three horses to finish in the top four of the race. Bookmakers William Hill said the win, which had an 11,848-to-one chance of coming in, was the biggest...
  14. KKOB

    Bet You Can't Help Laughing Too !

    Just watch the video
  15. B

    Is it a good deal? Duplex? Fethiye a good bet?

    Hi, I was hoping someone could give me some advice on this apartment in Fethiye and how Fethiye is expected to grow over time. I have been given the following info if someone could give it the once over for me please? The block has only 6 apartments in it, 2 duplex's and 4 normal. They were...
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