1. ted j

    claiming benefits

    I wonder just how many people did as we did and declared we were moving to Turkey permanently and therefore shouldn't get a Christmas bonus / winter fuel allowance and were only eligible for emergency treatment when back in the UK for a holiday etc I know for a fact there are others who not...
  2. Camden

    Kefir the benefits

    My girlfriend has got me hooked on this Caucasus mountain drink Kefir . Have been taking 2months, at first thought, it was another London fad drink and did it to please my girlfriend. I was skeptical. Must admit at first it was an acquired taste, but actually enjoying it now. Although the...
  3. juco

    Anyone understand the benefits system?

    If you were on some means tested benefit which allowed no more than £16k in your bank account and your bank account was sitting at £15999 and then you got paid your heating allowance of £200 which would take your savings to £16199 would they refuse your benefit and therefore in effect take back...
  4. juco

    new benefits cap

    Whilst I agree with lowering the benefit cap I also think its a joke to say this is to help people get back to work. The majority of people on benefits will have no skills therefore only likely to get minimum wage jobs which will pay at best £14k less deductibles so say £13k add child benefit...
  5. yalimart

    Benefits Dross

    Tory peer Lord Farmer's £300-a-day allowance 'isn't enough to live on' | Daily Mail Online Pure scum. Martin
  6. Yalides

    And another benefits thread.....

    Benefits Britain mother who rakes in £20k in dole a year criticises system | Daily Mail Online Quite right too. How is one expected to keep one`s swimming pool working whilst aid is wasted abroad ? :angry:
  7. T

    Go on diet or lose benefits, obese told

    I don't know if this would ever happen and I don't agree that obese people should have their benefits cut. The article also states: Alcoholics, drug addicts and others with 'treatable conditions' could also face being stripped of their sickness payments. I don't think public funds should pay...
  8. A

    EU benefits

    According to research on out of work benefits paid to foreign nationals within the EU,it turns out that the British are one of the main recipients over 30,000 Brits claim unemployment benefit abroad
  9. bal canavar

    Stop child benefits going abroad

    Angela Merkel may back David Cameron’s plan to stop child benefits going abroad EU migrants in Britain would no longer receive benefits to support children back in their home country, under a plan being discussed by the European Commission. In what would be a big boost for David Cameron...
  10. Yalides

    Middle class benefits cheat

    Middle-class benefits cheat who had £300,000 in Swiss bank account locked up over fears she was planning to flee to Russia to evade jail - and had started moving money to Moscow  | Daily Mail Online They are all at it.... I have taken into account its in the Mail so probably not true.:(
  11. Sunny Seasider

    Benefits Britain - Life on the Dole

    Series 2 - Episode 1 starts on Channel 5 at 21.00 tonight.
  12. Spurs

    Benefits of body building.

    Or should it be "body building on benefits"? BBC News - 'Disabled' bodybuilder Peter Beddoe jailed for fraud
  13. Spurs

    Jobs or benefits?

    Labours Harriet Harman is saying that after recent by-elections they now understand what the public wants. Does she? She seems to have the emphasis on foreigners claiming benefits over foreigners actually working here. If she thinks like that, surely all Brits will just become benefit...
  14. bickern

    Poles demand millions from Britain to pay their benefits

    Britain has been told to pay more than £10 million in unemployment benefit to eastern European migrants who have left Britain, returned home and now cannot find a job. Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have demanded that Iain Duncan Smith’s department funds their jobless citizens because...
  15. Kingfisher

    How to get benefits in Britain?

    Benefits in Britain I read an article recently that explained that if you "quit" your job (since when do all British newspapers use US English?) in France you do not receive benefits, something that apparently British people do not know. Does this mean that in Britain you can leave your job...
  16. Yalides

    Benefits dross.

    'They have behaved like a pack of wild animals': Landlord's fury after benefits family trashes home during 'leaving party' to celebrate move to new council house | Mail Online I know its in the DM so probably not true but having a party whilst on benefits.... Will teach people not to rent to...
  17. L

    Benefits again.

    Government considers enforcing drug testing for dole recipients as part of major welfare system overhaul | Mail Online I know someone who had to take a D&A (drug and alcohol test)as part of his medical for a new job,so why not test the benefit seekers.I wish our lot would consider it.
  18. yalimart

    Another benefits cheat

    BBC News - Lord Hanningfield set to be suspended over expenses breach Is there no other sanction than a years ban for this serial offender ? Martin
  19. Yalides

    Benefits jokes

    I hate when people treat benefit claimers unfairly, I once heard this posh women ranting: "They don't even try looking for a job, they just sit on their arses being paid more than someone who has a job, in their free house which I pay for with MY taxes, it's like Christmas for them!" she...
  20. Jaycey

    Fantastic News in UK concerning British Benefits and Pensions

    نور اگر رفت سايه پيدا نيست نقش ديوار و چشم خيره ما نقش سايه دگر نمي دان نور اگر رفت سايه. ر رفت نور اگر رفت سايه پيدا نيست نقش ديوار و چشم خيره ما نقش سايه دگر نمي دان نور اگر رفت سايه. ر رفت ديوار و چشم خيره ما نقش سايه دگر نمي دان نور اگر رفت سايه پيدانيست نقش ديوار و چشم خيره ديوار و چشم...
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