1. B

    Ben E King. Another legend dies.

    Ben E King: R&B legend dies at 76 - BBC News A lot of artistes seem to be falling off the perch this year. Bill.
  2. L

    Another perfect job from Ben

    Would just like to register my thanks to Ben The Builder, and his team, for an excellent job well done on my house in our absence. The job is perfect and have loads of pics throughout the process to prove it. Quality work at very reasonable prices. Have not found anyone better, or more...
  3. M

    Well done Ben the Builder

    We have recently had work done by Ben the Builder and his team of builders. We are very pleased with the work that they did. Ben has completed the work on time and gave consideration to the design of the building. As we were in England whilst the work was being done he kept us informed with...
  4. C

    ben the builder

    Does anyone have Ben the builders mobile number please???? THANKS
  5. G

    Ben the builder

    This is a really great guy built us a beautiful swimming pool and hard landscaped the gdn for us, no hassle Ben and his team are nice tidy workers which does make a change used several difference builders in the past but had lots of issues with them. Ben is doing more quotes for us so nice to...
  6. D

    Ben the builder

    Thank you Ben and partner for doing a good quick, clean job for us. And the price a fair one after the crazy prices I had been quoted before, so thanks again Ben.
  7. CKPR

    Ben The Builder Bodrum Building Services

    Just gotta let you all know how fantastic it was having reliable, conscientious tradesman doing work in our house in Yalikavak. From start to finish Ben and Mehmet carried out all the work Building, plastering, electrical,tiling and plumbing to the highest standard that I have never seen before...
  8. Ç

    Ben yardım etmek istiyorum

    Merhaba Ben İngilizce şarkıya çevirmek istiyorum Ben bekliyorum^^:cheer2:
  9. C

    Remember Ben Needham

    Its over 20 years ago now that Ben Needham a 21 month old toddler dissapeared on the Greek island of Kos,his family have never given up the search.The Greek authorities have now agreed to re open the case ,fantastic news for all his family.I have often wondered whether Ben could have been taken...
  10. Valian

    Bring & Buy/Jumble Sale - Wed 27 April at Big Ben Restaurant

    For those of you who do not know, Gill Erer of Didim Friends of Animals charity is relocating to Bulgaria. Unfortunately, without Gill, the charity will almost certainly fold due to lack of membership. So cash made at the sale will be used to support the shelter, with all monies being held by...
  11. angiesco

    Ben and Jerry Ice Cream

    Just saw a Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream van driving through Antalya today. It also had the Algida symbol on it too. I had a look at their web site, which is showing Fethiye, Ankara and Istanbul areas as areas that it is available. (did the driver get lost!LOL) I thought it might be useful for...
  12. U

    Hi, I'm Ben

    Maybe not the best name in Turkey. I own a place in Cesme with a Friend. Have had it for about 3 years. No plans to move quite yet....
  13. shirleyanntr

    todays word is ben sen etc

    todays word is a bit about the personal pronouns which can be confusing when you start learning...if you already know about the noun case object possessive case...then the personal pronouns are also declined the same way. here's a...
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