1. Yalides

    Fabulous belly dancer

    Santana ~ Black Magic Woman with sensational belly dancer - YouTube Great dancer
  2. Peaceplant

    Wheat Belly

    I recently had a food intolerance test and found out wheat is a no-no for me. yikes - no bread, cakes, pastry, Weetabix, Allbran...the list is endless. So I eliminated wheat and within days felt brighter and more energetic. But also found that weight dropped off. I have lost 9lb in 2 weeks...
  3. B

    Belly dancer

    Well its not exactly Turkish music, but it is a lovely Turkish belly dancer!! and if thats not enough you get Carlos Santana (one of the greatest electric guitar players of all time) in the one package, am I good to you all or what. Enjoy.Santana ~ Black Magic Woman with sensational belly dancer...
  4. A

    Belly dance teacher wanted

    4-5 HOURS of belly dancer -time : september first week , 10 ladies group from Poland. If you know any -let me know pls :yipee:
  5. T

    Belly dance?

    Is there any belly dance classes held in turgutreis or close to it?
  6. pineapple1

    Corgi Does Belly Flop

    I found this , Its quite funny , But i also noticed the life jacket , Funny how some dogs love water and some hate , This one just like mine loves it , Corgi does belly flop on MSN Video
  7. luckycat68

    Belly Dancing Night at Morgul Antik

    Please come and join us for our BellyDancing Show on Saturday 4th September Also we have managed to secure a group of Folk Lore Dancers Should be a fun evening for all A special set menu - with traditional Turkish Cuisine - price at 30 tl per person - I will also be holding a raffle -...
  8. D

    Belly Dancing

    Does someone in Datca know of any lovely Turkish ladies who would like to give some of us Irish ladies a lesson in belly dancing? A couple of us will be in Datca for a month beginning October.:roundgrin
  9. luckycat68

    Belly dancing and folklore show

    :yipee::tigger::thanks: Please come and join us for our 2nd Belly Dancing Show on Friday 17th July Also we have managed to secure a group of Folk Lore Dancers Should be a fun evening for all Our Special Lamb Dish will be served and also a special set menu - with traditional Turkish Cuisine -...
  10. luckycat68

    Belly Dancer Morgul Antik - 23 rd June

    We have arranged a night on Tuesday 23 rd June for another TLF " get together" There will be normal menu available but we are also serving our "Famous Lamb Dish " - cooked slowly in oven for 8 hours until so lovely and tender ( order 1 day in advance please ) For those who would like to come...
  11. ZiaCa'

    Belly Dancing Classes in Dalyan

    Starting 17th November. Mondays 12noon to 1.3pm. Great way to keep fit, enjoy oriental music and meet new friends Please pm for more details
  12. Y

    Do you interest in Belly Dancing?

    Hi everybody... I have so many belly dance costumes. Fully handmade and all new. Never used. If you interest post me message and I can send you some pics. Thank you...
  13. alison09400

    Belly Dancing/Exercise Classes

    Belly Dancing/Exercise classes are starting on Tuesday 13th November in Kusadasi Centrum. There will be two classes per week Tuesday 2-4pm Friday 1-3pm Classes will be taught by a qualified dance teacher. Anyone wanting further info/price etc please pm me. Alison
  14. kleinian

    Belly dancing classes in Feithye

    Hi Guys Does anyone know of any belly dancing classes in Feithye? I attend classes regulary over here in England just for fun, a good way to exercise,and to help undo the pressures of working with abused families. would love to join a class or two when i visit Turkey, can anyone help? Much...
  15. shirleyanntr

    male belly dancers

    a couple of weeks ago i saw a young boy belly dancing in the Dedikodu bar wasnot part of an act..his friends urged him up. What a performance...he was stunning. Then i saw this article about male belly dancers so thought it might be of interest on the forum :) Male Belly Dance in...
  16. K

    Belly Dancing & Arabesque

    My other hobbies are dancing + music (belly,arabesque,tribal,middle east and indian).
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