1. Summertime

    Can you belive it?

    It is now 10 o`clock in Norway (PM?) 12th.august, and we have 17 degrees, and I can hear children playing outside, they usual are in bed this time. Supose they are allow to stay up because of the nice weathe ( the schools starts on monday) and it is still light outside, not many of this days up...
  2. P

    I can't belive what I just did!

    As I just exited Sainsbury there was a veritable army of hunky firemen in the entrance. One such godlike being approached me (in uniform I might add) and offered to come to my home and take a look at my fire precautions. And I said no thankyou - because all my smoke alarms are mains wired! I...
  3. T

    I cant belive it!

    I have been ringing around for quote for flight seats out to bodrum from bristol on the 24th july for a 6 week stay returning on the 4th september.I called several and they just quoted on the phone , a couple had to ring back which they did a couple of minutes later. XL I called on monday and...
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