1. A

    Belfast to Antalya and to Dalaman direct next summer

    Jet2 will be flying directly to Antalya and also to Dalaman from Belfast once a week in June and July 2018 .. see here ... x Angela in Side x :3:
  2. S

    Sexist Belfast lunch!!!!

    A local councillor here once said ( Belfast accent)- " women were only good for two things- shapping and yapping!!" Belfast Ribs 'n' Bibs apology over 'beat the wife' £5 meal deal -
  3. S

    Dodgy La Liga Belfast!!

    Massive computer hacking operation uncovered in Belfast, court hears -
  4. S

    New route from Belfast are launching a route to Antalya from Belfast Great to see some positive tourism news for Turkey
  5. T

    TC flights from Belfast to Bodrum this summer

    Anyone from NI out there. Just noticed a couple of very cheap flights: (no baggage included) BJV - BFS 3rd May £13.00 and again BFS - BJV 19th Sept £47.00 Hope they are useful to someone.
  6. S

    Russian trouble in Belfast

    Well Jaycey you're not the only one having to put up with bad behavior from pesky Russians but we Belfastys are made of sterner stuff and we aren't running away from them!!!! BBC News - Russian sailor on Belfast harbour drunkenness charge
  7. S

    Very rare footage- Belfast in 1901

    An amazing clip of city life filmed from a horse drawn tram going through Belfast in 1901 Video: Rare footage of 1901 tram ride down Belfast's Royal Avenue -
  8. the bueman

    Belfast Joke

    A space craft landed outside the Ardoyne Shops, a ramp appeared from the space craft and out walked an alien. One of the locals asked, "who are you"? The alien replied, "I am Martian". The local asked, "do you live around here"? "No" said the alien. The local replied, "well in that case you...
  9. K

    Belfast flights to Bodrum

    Only now checking out flights for summer. I'm I right in thinking that Thomascook have dropped the Belfast flights down to once a week on Mondays? Any locals got any Other info on alternative flights? Kizzy
  10. S

    Belfast Bigotry Happy Xmas

    Theres a whole series of these now been put together on youtube featuring these Neanderthals from 2 nights ago Imagine if this creature was your mum/grandma. Hilarious stuff another corker.....
  11. SLEEPY

    Belfast geek

    Have not seen my geeky mate from Belfast on here for a while, does anyone know where he is, as I am looking for his 3d view on to nights Ireland /Germany game.
  12. A

    Belfast to Datca February

    Hi, can anyone advise on the best travel arrangements to get to Datca at the end of February? We've been looking at Belfast - London - Instanbul then a bus to Datca. Not sure of bus company to Datca,,Carol our neighbour uses it quite regular but i don't have contact email for her. Alan&Evelyn
  13. S

    Turkish Classes Belfast - Jan 2012

    For anyone interested Belfast metropolitan College are advertising Turkish lessons (Step 2) beginning around Thursday 23rd january 2012 7-9pm. It will be in their new campus at the Titanic Quarter. Enrolling is taking place now. All details are on their website.
  14. alison09400

    TC Belfast-Izmir?

    Has anyone booked a flight for next year with Thomas Cook from Belfast to Izmir? Saw a thread on another forum saying that they have stopped some of their Izmir flights from the UK and went on to have a look on their website. Can't get anything up for mother is not going to...
  15. M

    Thomas Cook Belfast to Antalya

    I am hoping someone can help me on this one! We will be out in Spring & Four Seasons for five weeks in july and we have two 17 year olds who want to come out on the 24th july and return home with us on the 8th August. Thomas Cook will not allow them to travel on their own as under 18 but will...
  16. S

    Borat in Belfast!!!!!

    A couple of friends of mine were electioneering last night in our area and became aware of 2 suspicious looking men following them and filming them Now we are all aware of MOD cut backs but these 2 surely couldnt possibly have been spying as the camera they were carrying was about the size of a...
  17. S

    Belfast really is mad mad mad!

    Was reading about this recently and it really shows what a mad world we live in!!!! (especially in Belfast) Theres now to be a spy unit set up to spy on those spying on the spys!!!!!! Bombers used video cameras to spy on MI5 base - Northern Ireland, Local & National -
  18. Tess

    RYANAIR pulling out of Belfast City Airport.

    Apologies if already highlighted, could not see it. Mods please remove if so. Ryanair to pull out of Belfast City Airport. BBC News - Ryanair to pull out of Belfast City Airport
  19. T

    Belfast - Bodrum Flight for sale end of August.

    Anyone from Northern Ireland interested - I thought I would offer this up in case anyone is looking for a flight from Belfast to Bodrum. I know how hard flights from Belfast to Bodrum are to find at the moment. My daughter can not use this now due to a family illness and before she puts in an...
  20. I

    Flight for sale belfast to bodrum

    I have a First Choice flight for sale from Belfast International to Bodrum leaving on the 29th August 2010 at 1520hrs arriving Bodrum at 2140hrs and returning 5th September 2010 leaving at 2240hrs and arriving Belfast at 0120hrs. The flight cost £270. All reasonable offers considered to include...
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