1. I

    Belek Golf

    Are there any discounts available on green fees for owners locally?
  2. P

    Belek to Lara beach

    hi, could anyone tell me how long it would take to get to lara beach from belek in a taxi and how much it would cost, thanks
  3. A

    Airport Transfer to Belek

    Belek, Antalya Airport Transfer Service It is private to and from Belek with free wifi and free softdrinks etc. 1-5 people 40€ each way.
  4. P

    belek hotels

    hi,can anyone tell me how far the zeynep golf resort is from the crystal parasio verde? i have to travel between the 2, can i get a taxi or a dolmus?thanks
  5. F

    Emlak/Estate Agent Belek Area

    Hi Folks, I am looking to seel my 2Bed/3Story Villa near Belek. I intend visiting some estate agenbts when I am over in June. but does anyone have any recent dealings or recommendations they can offer in advance ? Rgs foxyboy
  6. R

    Golf in Belek

    Hi all . I've lived in Side for 8 years now and want to start playing golf again . Does anybody know of any clubs / associations in Belek for expats . I'd also like a few lessons as I've not played for years . Any info would be fantastic . Thank you 😃
  7. T

    Looking for help for Marriage in Belek

    Hi , thank you for accepting me to the group. I wondered if anyone can help with the process of getting married in Belek this July. I am booked to stay at Letoonia Golf resort on 17 July for 2 weeks and would love to get married whilst on holiday with family. We have been together for 12 years...
  8. E

    Lawyer in the Belek area

    Hi, I am new to this forum and am about to purchase a apartment in Belek and I am looking for a English speaking lawyer, who can help me with the purchase. I would be very grateful if any one can recommend a lawyer. Many thanks Mat
  9. G

    Dreambox in belek

    Hi guys, Think I may have posted in the wrong section earlier! Dreambox in belek, alive or dead? Heading to my villa in April and I've got 2 boxes. Since the astra2e sat was launched, can someone tell me if channels can still be picked up? Bt sports, espn was working whilst over in July 2013...
  10. L

    Taxi fare - Kadriye to Belek ?

    Does anyone know the cost of a taxi from Kadriye to Belek. Thank you
  11. J

    Bus from Belek to Manavgat

    Hello everyone, Do you know if it is possible to catch a bus from Belek hotels to Manavgat market on Mondays? I imagine it will be necessary to change bus somewhere, but any advice is welcome! Thanks Simon
  12. skydog

    3 Yr Old Boy Found Dead In Belek Pool

    Three-year-old British boy dies after he is found floating unconscious in swimming pool during holiday in Turkey | Mail Online
  13. T

    Bus sevices from Sueno Golf Hotel Belek

    Hi We are a group of 8 who are going to be staying at Sueno Golf Hotel in Belek. (June 2013) Ive noticed its actually situated between Belek and Kadriye (approx 4 miles from each) is there any public transport that goes from near the hotel to either? On google maps, it does show a bus symbol...
  14. D

    Tornado in Belek!

    Have just heard there was a tornado in Belek a couple of nights ago just to add to the misery of all the flooding at the moment:jaw:... a local garage and restaurant were completely destroyed! Havent heard of any casualties. And we complain about a bit of snow........
  15. B

    Bus to Belek

    Hi does anyone know the easiest way to get to Belek by bus from Alanya? Is it possible to go to Manavgat then Belek or would it have to be on the Antalya bus and changing at Serik? Thanks
  16. S

    belek megapark

    been doing some digging on this huge disney billion dollar project, turns out not disney or a billion dollars, but 300 million dollars and built by sml construction and rixos hotels, pictures look great, disney connection is the aqarium which is similar and owned by same company as in disney...
  17. M

    Travel to Belek from Limah

    Does anyone know how I can get to Belek from Konyaalti, Antalya on public transport. I'm based not far from the big Migros 5. Is there a bus from here or the main Otogar?
  18. G

    dreambox in belek

    Hey guys, been looking at the posts for getting set up. I will be using a dreambox 500, already loaded with a test line from my man in the uk. would a 1.5m dish on top of my villa pick up all channels except bbc. Sports and movie channels can all be picked up with this size of dish Any help...
  19. G

    dreambox set up in belek

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Purchased a villa in belek and would like to know what size of dish is required to receive channels through a dreambox. Also would a cline supplied from GB still work just like mine back home in the uk? Also how much is b/band in turkey as obviously this is essential...
  20. F

    Satellite Installation in Belek area

    Hi Folks, Im looking into satellite installation options. It would appear that the most common choice is 19.2E which provides BBC World,AL Jazeera,Boomberg and CNN International. Can anyone recommend an installer in the area and a rough estimate of cost ? Hell need to get up on the roof but...
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