1. R

    Gumusluk Belediyesi Fees

    Hi. We’ve always gone into the Belediyesi to pay our fees, does anyone know if his can be done online? And if so how? Many thanks Rob
  2. G

    Alanya Belediyesi Website

    Does anyone know whether Alanya Belediyesi are going to make their new website available in English? We found the previous website (available with English translation) extremely useful as our Turkish language skills are rather poor (me) / non-existent (him). We've tried copying text and using...
  3. T

    Tosmur Belediyesi Baskan

    I have been told that Musa Ozdemir (Tosmur Belediyesi Baskan) has been suspended from his duties because the Kaymakam has taken him to court over dodgy dealings. Can anyone shed any light on this, is it correct and if so what is he accused of and is he guilty??
  4. kaplumba

    Datca Belediyesi

    This may be of use to some of you who have property in Datca but don't live there full time. If you use Facebook, you can send a message in English to the Belediye asking what you owe in property tax and in my case the new road costs. I did this and they sent me a message detailing their bank...
  5. C

    Belediyesi web site

    Could some body please help. I have for the last few days beening trying to pay some bills via the Yalikavak Beledi site. I can logon & view my account but when i confirm my payment the site seems to crash. Does anybody know if they have a problem. Regards Clive
  6. gerald

    Mahmutlar Belediyesi

    Just a heads up that the Mahmutlar Belediyesi website has had an update. It's nice to see where the council tax gets spent:gathering
  7. ceemac

    Kusadasi Belediyesi

    Website of Kusadasi Belediyesi in English here C
  8. Sweetnighter

    Belediyesi Bina Vergisi

    I have read on another thread that there is going to be a substantial increase in Municipality Tax (Council Tax).Can anyone confirm or give any more news regarding this.
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