1. C

    Arcelik Fridge Freezer and Beko Dishwasher

    We have a 1.7 m tall Arcelick Fridge Freezer for sale in white, good clean used condition, we also have a Beko dishwasher in white that works perfect but the white plastics have yellowed, open to sensible offers on one or both, you would need transport to collect from Dalaman. Out again from...
  2. christella

    beko freezer

    i have a beko freezer that has stopped working and it was made in turkey i live in england i have been told its the circuit board and can only be bought from turkey anybody any ideas where i can buy one from i come over to turkey this september
  3. G

    Dongle for Beko Smart TV

    Hi Can anyone recommend a wifi dongle which will enable me to stream from laptop to my Beko Smart TV. I am currently in Uk and could buy from Amazon, Ebay before I return to Turkey. I currently use HDMI cable but it would be nice to be cable free!!! Thanks in advance for any advice given.
  4. P

    Beko air con - English owners manual

    Martin, you are correct, sometimes I cannot see the wood for the trees. I worked back from the info they had sent me and the closest I can get is to a link to the page below. The manual they sent me was the last one on the list and seems to cover several different models but should help with...
  5. G

    Beko or Philips Juicer??

    Hi i am looking for advice on what juicer to buy. I have read good reports about the Philips model 1861 juicer. I might need to buy this in UK and bring over to Turkey. I also looked at the Beko juicer model number BKK-2144. If this is any good might be a better bet with their 2 year gaurantee...
  6. M

    beko fridge freezers

    can anyone tell me if they have heard if any of the beko fridge freezers in turkey have caught on fire like some of them have in england. i have a beko fridge freezer both here in england and also in turkey, the one here in england is having a new part fitted on wednesday due to being one of the...
  7. altinkum kev

    Beko fridge freezer recall

    I dont know if this affects any appliances in Turkey but Beko fridge freezers have been the cause of many house fires in UK ,and they are recalling them for modifications. you can use this link to check serial numbers just in case its not just UK units. Fire warning to 500,000 fridge freezer...
  8. B

    Dalyan - 5kg washing machine Beko for sale

    Beko 5kg washing machine for sale. I need to upgrade to a 8kg or higher due to wash loads when changeover days occur. I am in Arikbasi area of Dalyan Jun 26 for 8 days. Its in mint condition and I would love to sell it and buy a bigger one. All reasonable offers considerd Alan
  9. G

    Beko washer

    Does anyone know where I can get parts for a Beko washing machine.Place I bought from has closed.
  10. gerald

    BEKO parent company

    Can anybody tell me if the BEKO parent company name, Arçelik, translates into anything or can otherwise explain its origin. I have googled and wikied to no avail and google translate doesn't help. Of course it may just be an abstract word but usually there is a reason behind a company name...
  11. E


    Beko large fridge freezer & washing machine for sale both 4 years old but hardly used, both silver in colour, washing machine 250 TL, fridge freezer 400 TL, buyer to collect, Üzümlü area
  12. dalid69

    Beko tumble dryer for sale

    Hi all,i have an almost new and hardly used Beko tumble dryer for sale,its the same size as a washing machine not a small one like the uk its ideal for winter times when you cant get things dry quick enough,my wife is out there for another week or so,if interested then pm me and i can send you...
  13. I

    Beko air conditioning units

    Hello i want to buy some Beko Air conditioning in North Cyrprus. The model numbers i have been quoted for are BK260INVS 26000 BTU Inverter - andBK130AK 12000 BTU A Plus - I would like more information on these units and the a plus and inverter model but I can not find these model no.s...
  14. Akasya

    Beko Brilliant service

    Beginning of this week fridge freezergoes on the blink. Called Simon Cuss ( Simon in Milas) , no probs will call Beko / arcelik service for you. Engineer arrives thurs, defrost timer gone, returns friday fitted new part, nocharge although 3 years old still in warranty. Yummy lots of cold beer...
  15. arrian

    BEKO fridge/freezer

    in December i bought a Beko fridge/freezer, which is manufactured in Turkey i believe, and is rated very good. the doors open the wrong way for me, but couldn't change them over at the time. today, my grandson was going to change them for me, but i've lost the fittings!!! i contacted Beko by...
  16. P

    Beko aircon

    Hi doe`s anyone had any thoughts on Beko air con units? are they any good,value for money,reliable? Cheers Paul
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