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    Beginner's Guide

    Hi community, as new member want to ask about local services and contacts, in Tuzla area. hope it will be useful info for some other new people from Tuzla. Drinking water delivery telephone - ? Have new Migros remote order and delivery service and telephone ? Where to see local buses schedule...
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    Teach yourself/Learn... Turkish for a complete beginner..

    Hi, I am trying to find some good Turkish learning package for beginners. I need to see the words, to hear them (pronunciation) and to get English equivalent at the same time. It must run on my Pc and it must be possible to rip it to my MP3 player. Does anybody have a good experience with any...
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    Complete beginner

    hi guys each time i go through the forums buying property in turkey seems to be getting complicated . anyone gimme a quick breakdown of the procedure btw what is a tapu . is there a limit on how much cash u can take into country instead going through bank transfers and cheques etc
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