1. bickern

    MPs begin heated debate over assisted dying bill

    Eighty-five MPs want to speak in Commons debate, which is likely to go on for hours before vote is called, MPs have begun to debate a bill that would allow doctors to help terminally ill people end their lives, before the first House of Commons vote on assisted dying for 20 years. Rob Marris...
  2. bal canavar

    Baby caretta carettas begin journey to Mediterranean

    caretta carettas turtles enchanted visitors at the Çıralı beach, when they left their nests and came together with Mediterranean waters. Baby caretta carettas begin journey to Mediterranean in southern Turkey Baby caretta carettas, or loggerhead turtles, enchanted visitors in the Kemer...
  3. skydog

    USA taxpayer backlash to begin?

    I actually support the conclusion of this. Guess it makes me a racist bigot, and hateful too. One doesn't have to agree with the entire piece to know that the overall concept is correct. Each to his own, I thought I'd pass it along. Hatemail, usual address please. WILL THE USA SURVIVE? Free...
  4. juco

    So when will the food shortage begin

    'In case you haven’t noticed, the world is on the verge of a horrific global food crisis. At some point, this crisis will affect you and your family. It may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow, but it is going to happen. Crazy weather and horrifying natural disasters have played havoc...
  5. ceemac

    Austria-Turkey motorail train to begin on April 19

    This might open up a few more possibilities for people travelling to Turkey. "Motorail train services will take place between Villach city of Austria and the northwestern province of Edirne, Turkey. The train carrying 95 cars and 150 passengers will depart from Villach on April 19 and arrive...
  6. ceemac

    Daylight saving time to begin on March 28

    Daylight saving time in Turkey will begin on March 28. Clocks will be set one hour ahead at 3:00 a.m. on March 28 for making use of day light in order to save energy. Here C
  7. Sweetnighter

    PKK begin surrender

    PKK begin surrender says the DAILY HURRIYET...mmmhh.Let's hope that the AK parties initiatives work
  8. S

    başlamak = to begin

    Başlamak means to start, to begin it is used for all kind of things, but not for a train, plane or whatever Some examples : Tatil ne zaman başlıyor ? Türkçe dersi saat kaçta başladı ? Türkçe dersi başlamadı (the lesson did not start) But it can also used when you want to say "I'm beginning...
  9. B

    HELP where do i begin

    HI new to forum looking to read all the great info about buying a place in altinkum, I have been getting property e-mails from bargain holiday homes in altinkum, any info good or bad would be great.
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