1. perfect1949

    it beggars belief

    is this just the tip of the iceberg . dave and shirley The beggar on £50,000 a year... not to mention living in a £300,000 flat at taxpayers' expense while pretending to be 'hungry and homeless' (no wonder his middle-class parents are mortified) | Mail Online
  2. Briand

    Beggars belief

    Well would you believe it we went into Bim this morning and there was a little old lady outside Begging, she asked us for money and i said no.She followed us inside and went straight to the checkout and put a couple off hands full of change on the counter. By the time we got too the check out...
  3. Elvira


    When do you put a lira in the hand of a small child ? I always do-not to insist that everyone else does ! On the tourist market today there were several children selling small packets of tissues.I overheard a Brit tourist saying to a tiny,hungry, small pajama-clad child that she got them for...
  4. madturkishcow

    Beggars or Losers?

    Having started the week off on the wrong foot by shutting myself out wearing only a dressing gown.......and marching down the stairs to do my by now famous 'Houdini' act, which involves dragging a turkish ladder (three planks of wood held together with five cross bars!) up to a 90% angle against...
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