1. H

    VW Beetle wanted

    Hi guys I am looking to buy an old vw beetle or turtle which is what the Turks call them if anyone knows of any please let me know x
  2. Tommie

    Nice beetle?

    Had a lovely little visitor this morning. Can anyone identify it please?
  3. v6cod

    Flat faced Longhorn Beetle

    Saperda Punctata Took this a couple of months ago so thought it was about time I shared it :)
  4. N

    vw beetle

    Hi anyone had one of these whilst in Turkey.? I want to buy a cheap car to leave in Turkey when we return home. We will get a residence permit and hopefully come over 4-6 months each year.Car hire for this period would be very expensive. Thought about buying an old beetle which are relatively...
  5. S

    VW Beetle For Sale

    1972 Beetle, blue, LPG conversion, MD plates. Drives well, owned 2 years no probs. Vize ’til 2012 & cheap tax. Dalaman area. 5,999tl Please PM for further details
  6. M

    Death Watch Beetle

    I hope someone can help us. We are just back from 3 weeks in Turgutreis. About a year ago we thought that we had woodworm in our timber stairs, so we went and bought cuprinol woodworm killer. We poured it in every hole we found. We did think the holes were much larger than any woodworm we had...
  7. shirleyanntr

    root cutting beetle

    No this is not a ploy to get our Bob the gardener back on track (unless he wants to).....i was just wondering if any of you have seen a very large long beetle that cuts the roots of new plants. İt has really big sharp scissor-like claws and you can see where it has travelled under the earth as...
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