1. thingthong

    Beers available from METRO Bodrum

    I have a fussy beer drinker coming to stay with us in Bodrum in a few weeks,and I was wondering how many different beers are available to buy ,especially in Bodrum! If any one could find a link to their site with prices,that would be brillant. Many Thanks T.
  2. K

    Specialist Beers

    I'm not sure where to place this - but as one contributer says there is food in beer but no beer in food. For a couple of glorious years you could buy some wonderful specialist beers in Migros from the specialist Turkish T.A.P.S company. I love Efes, but it was a delight (expensive) for a...
  3. whu66

    Top 50 Beers

    Some cracking beers in this list,not sure if its my top 50 though.... The 50 best beers - 1
  4. J

    UK Beers in Turkey

    Hello All, Hope someone can help....I've just brought a bar in Alanya, I've got a Turkish partner to take care of the licencing & legals etc....I'm looking to source/imort UK beers, are the any bar owners out there that could supply me? Point me in the right direction? Look forward to hearing...
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