1. IbrahimAbi

    I'm giving up beer....

    To save up for one of these:- Tesla to Launch in Turkey in 2018 Tesla to launch in Turkey in 2018, CEO Elon Musk says
  2. yalimart

    Filthy Dirty Beer

    No wonder they haven't a clue about beer in the South West, it's filthy. Grime, gentlemen! One in three pints served in pubs are "dirty" because landlords aren't cleaning pipes properly - Mirror Online I'm off to get my hands around a dizzy blonde later. Martin
  3. croftj

    Beer in Turkey

    On our latest visit to Altinkum it was good to see that the range of beers/lagers on offer is growing and you now have more of a choice. Alongside 'normal' Efes you now have Efes White, Efes Amber, Efes Red, Efes Malt, Efes Pilsner and Efes Bomonti then you've got Tuborg Gold and Amber also a...
  4. S

    Beer !

    I see there is a new Tuborg beer out called Amber tried it and tastes quite nice, had to have another bottle to make sure. I changed to drinking Tuborg beer after years of drinking Efes, I thought it was just my tastes had changed but sales have overtaken Efes in a lot of places now.

    The beer run !

    I think Steve lives in Yali !
  6. F

    Anyone want to earn some extra beer money?

    Hi all, Not sure if this is in the right forum, but hey ho. I wonder if anyone can help at all? A expat resident was able to send some bits over from his local chemists to me every 4 weeks or so- medication came to just under £50, I'd send him £100 and he'd post recorded and the rest was his...
  7. B

    Best beer in Britain.

    BBC News - West Yorkshire Boltmaker beer crowned best in Britain I am a beer drinker, but I can't pass comment on this particular brew, as I have never tasted it, but I would like to. Bill.
  8. eshek

    What to do when the beer is finished!

    What to do once you?ve finished all the beer
  9. Yalides

    My beer fridge

    Di has her new fridge freezer the size of the Eiffel tower so I got the old one (not a year old yet ! ) as my personal beer fridge. Just need a tele and nice comfy chair in the shed and its sorted......
  10. B

    Pint of beer in a Jug.

    BBC News - The return of the dimpled pint glass It will be good news, to me anyway, if they bring the old jug back. I never did like the Nonic or the Tulip glasses. Bill.
  11. barry budd

    Beer prices around Bodrum?

    does anybody know the price of beer for 2014 around yali turgetries gumusluk thanks :cheers:
  12. bodrumsjh

    Bread, Milk, Cheese and Beer?

    For a few years, when visiting Turkey, we have worked on the rough exchange rate of 2.5 Lira to the pound when calculating prices. During the last year, however the exchange rate has changed a lot and is currently hovering around 3.7 to the pound, a rise (or fall depending on your view) of...
  13. J

    cheap beer inc effes

    at B&M I got a few packs of Krusovic Dark for £1.49 for 4 bottles. top stuff as well, and a few packs of Caledonian draught bitter at £1.99 for 4 cans, nowt to write home about but okay as a starter. They also have Effes Fici bottles, not sure how much it is though
  14. B

    Beer delivery

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know if any of the shops in Dalaman will deliver a crate of beer? I thank you..
  15. SLEEPY

    Beer bellies the myth!

    With all the recent discussions on alcohol I though this article would be of interest to all the gents (and a few of the ladies) who enjoy the odd gallon or two! Beer Bellies Are a Myth |
  16. B

    Stocking up on Beer;

    Hi All, I want to buy crates of Tuborg or Efes for our BBQ parties. I have been looking at brochure price of Efes from Metro which is 77.95tl. for 24 bottles. I presume tax is charged on this at the checkout. Anybody know how much or have any suggestion on how I can purchase crates...
  17. Jaycey

    Free beer!

    Well, I had to get your attention somehow :ear: Problem: I’m running Windows 7 on both my laptop (Pro) and PC (Home Edition). They both play video OK but if I run video within another program (Matchware Mediator 9) it crashes on PC but runs OK on my laptop. :hurt: Is there perhaps a codec...

    Beer shortage hits Marmaris

    It was reported today in the Bodrum Haber that an articulated lorry coming out of Mugla & heading to Marmaris,overturned & spilt it's 24 ton load across the dual carriageway. It saddens me to report that the 24 ton load of 55 pallets carrying a total of 1320 50cl cans of Efes beer was a total...
  19. christella

    dont drink cheap beer

  20. N

    Home brewing beer!

    I'm sure I'm not the only person to notice the price of beers has started to get to the point of ridiculous lately... So I'm thinking to start brewing my own beer, among other types of wines etc. Is anyone else doing this here? Do you know if it is legal (I dont see why not but just checking)...
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