1. mollag

    Beef ribs

    I have spotted what I suspect is beef ribs in carrefour, I fancy a go at them but as I have never had em does anyone have a recipe other than BBQ please ? :kitapoku::kitapoku:
  2. ceemac

    Well Oil Beef Hooked

    Say the title in an Irish accent to get the meaning!! Seriously though, I received the following article via email and was a little sceptical - if it's true though it kind of blows my (and millions of others) theory out of the water as to why the US is in Iraq. Has anyone ever heard of these...
  3. rosewall1

    Beef suet

    I was watch Delia Smith on TV today and she was making some yummy puds using suet. I get mine from the UK but it is running out fast. Does anyone know if you can get it in Turkey after all it is a beef product. If so where. I am thinking of trying the local butcher but what do I ask for?
  4. leylaasena

    Bully beef and Biscuits

    I've just heard from a cousin in Australia about a planned charity run by the Melbourne Fire Brigade from Galipoli to London starting on Anzac's day next year. Check out there website on [url]
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