1. M


    Hi can anyone help with the best place to buy bedding from in didim please I love the turkish sets but don't want it in that satin stuff and does anyone have a rough idea of prices please,it's just the bedspread and pillow shams I am wanting not the sheets thanks
  2. E

    Where to buy bedding items in Alanya

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone can recommend a good place in Alanya where to buy bedding items such as comforters, bedspreads, sheets, bed accessories or mattress pads. I've checked out Metro, Kipa and Carrefour but haven't been able to find anything. As always, thanks for all your help. edy
  3. L

    advice please on bedding etc

    hi all. i`m in the process of getting all my little bits and bobs for my 2 bed apt. the developer wants around £2000 just to kit it out with pillows sheets, cutlery, cups plates, rugs, patio table n chairs etc etc, o and a dvd player. this seems well expensive, any advice on doing it cheaper...
  4. D

    Buying bedding / soft furnishings etc. in Bodrum?

    Hi everyone, New user and also just about to be a new owner at Turquoise Homes. We were out there in July and will be heading back in October. All of our furniture has been sorted but we will be adding finishing touches when we visit in October. We're after things like extra bedding, bedside...
  5. C

    Whats the best way to get curtains and bedding from UK to Turkey

    Hi there We have a new place just finished and hopefully get the keys next month whilst on holiday. But in the meantime I have some new quilts , bedding , curtains, here in the UK and would want them for our place in Turkey. How can i get them over in the best way please ? Can i just parcel...
  6. M

    Bedding we use in Turkey

    Hi - I would like some opinions please Not living in turkey yet I was wondering what people had on their beds. I know cotton sheets is best for coolness but : do people use duvets or just sheets with a throwover or blankets. thanks everyone mo
  7. H

    Duvets and Bedding

    I am coming over at Xmas and expect the nights to be it worthwhile me bringing duvets over and bedding or is this type of stuff cheap when I get there? Anyone know how much approx I would pay for a super king duvet and singles too? Just so I can get a ball park figure. Suggestions...
  8. peter the postie

    Bedding chest

    Has anybody seen the like of a bedding chest ( or something similar )in Altinkum ? We are looking for something to lock clothes, personal effects away in. We dont have the transport means to travel to Izmir which would be the obvious place to look. :(
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