1. B

    Jihadis last 2 Beatles

    These two don't half seem to have smartened up, haircuts, and the beards which I thought they grew as part of their religious beliefs seem to have disappeared Dressed in smart casual western clothes as well. Perhaps on advice from their legal advisors? Just asking.
  2. N

    50 years of The Beatles

    Blinkin' heck I feel old.
  3. juco

    A beatles degree?

    I dont know about anyone else but I would be embarassed to say I had this, despite liking the Beatles music.
  4. Sunny Seasider

    The Beatles v The Rolling Stones

    Just for a bit of fun Guys and Gals, who did you follow? The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? The Beatles are set to release their CD soon, and is set to zoom to No.1 in the Charts. I was a Rolling Stones fan, whoa Mick Jagger, although I also had to listen to The Beatles almost 24/7, because my...
  5. D

    Beatles Night at Cafe Karadut (Gumusluk) on Wednesday 14th July 2010

    At 20:30 on Wednesday 14th July there will be a Beatles night in the lovely gardens of café Karadut, live music, free entrance. Cafe Karadut is located behind the mosque in Gumusluk All welcome, please join us.
  6. peter the postie

    The Beatles bridge 3 generations!

    As per tradition wew had the family round for xmas night. We swap pressies and then get drunk, and usually sing karaoke or play games on the Wii. This year I had bought The Beatles rock band, including a guitar, microphone, and even the drum set. It struck me today while I was recovering just...
  7. shirleyanntr

    beatles turkish

    heres's an idea..came from Dalamlı...its the Beatles İmagine in Turkish i'm not the translator..i got it from a friend. its beautiful in any language. imagine..Hayal et Imagine there's no heaven' Cennetin olmadığını hayal et It's easy if you try' Eğer denersen bu kolay No hell below us'...
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