1. S

    1 way to beat the taxman
  2. B

    47 years on the beat.

    BBC News - Met Police officer Robert Brown retires after 47 years My congratulations to this officer, not many people last that long in any job nowadays. Bill.
  3. bal canavar

    jardarma beat women

    In the small village Ikizdere on the black sea coast, women came out to protest about a private firm that is building a power plant, in a area that in 2010 was designated a Natural Conservation Area. The construction workers were using dynamite to clear a route and felling trees on the way ...
  4. beyazbayan

    Sons of UK Millionnaire Beat Police Officer Shouldn't Be Spared Jail Time

    In December, George and Costas Panayiotou -- whose father, Andreas, is described as one of the wealthiest in Britain -- beat an off-duty policeman so badly that he needed titanium plates fitted to his head. While they've pleaded guilty to affray, they have received no jail time, nor have two of...
  5. S

    Beat that!!!

    Theres a wee restaurant ( sit in) in Umbongo that does kebabs for 3 tl, 84p. Can any of you beat that price???? Come on I challenge, nay DEFY you to beat that price

    You can not beat the irish!

    Ahh we win again .... Northern Ireland and Republic men 'ugliest in the world' - Northern Ireland, Local & National -

    Juggler, never misses a beat.

    Chris Bliss - Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight - The End - YouTube
  8. saffie

    Beat luggage restrictions

    Rufus Roo jacket review thread - Forums Got this today and thought it might be a great idea for travellers needing extra luggage space........though not very fashionable.:wow: saffie

    Ireland beat england

    Ireland beat England in the Cricket World CUP. Now I will not start another row and laugh smugly (and that goes for the Scots and Welsh) in fact I did not know we had a team. Ireland won buy 3 wickets (what ever that means)
  10. T

    cost of honda (beat lead) scooter

    Does anyone know the approx price for a new honda (beat lead) just to give me an idea and is there a supplier in altinkum Thanks in anticipation Tony
  11. Mushtaq

    Turkish cop who beat up my girls must be punished

    A father determined to get justice for his two girls is flying to Turkey today to face in court the policeman accused of beating them up. Twins Janette and Victoria Jarvis told last year how alleged rogue cop Ayhan Turkos pounced on them as they walked along the beach in the resort of Marmaris...
  12. peter the postie

    Chelski beat Villa 7-1

    Bloody hell, now thats a result!!
  13. shirleyanntr

    children beat 5 year old

    the big news on the tv tonight is about a 5 year old found close to death in ─░stanbul. He had been badly beaten and dumped. the child was a member of a family from Adana who regularily ceom to ─░stanbul to beg and sell tissues. This little boy had been selling tissues in the territory of another...
  14. captain

    Germany beat England again

    Germany win 6-2!! Oh, hang on, it was only the girlies trying to play football. :24::24::24: Doug
  15. bickern

    How to beat the smoking ban in turkey

    Creativity knows no bounds in Turkey as coffee shop owners try to circumvent the smoking ban that came into effect on July 19, with one coffee shop owner in Istanbul creating the first apparatus that allows one to smoke indoors while the cigarette is outside. Hose solution circumvents smoking...
  16. B

    Second homes are best when someone else owns them?

    This was in the Daily Telegraph Newspaper. Even though we own a home abroad, there are bits of truth and rubbish in the article. What's your view? Mel. Second homes are at their best when someone else owns them By Tom Utley "...How extraordinary that more than a million British couples now...
  17. A

    Beat the cold with garlic

    For those who dont like taking medicines and doesnt have alergies on garlik. Take 11 cloves of garlik and one middle size onion, cut them in small pieces (about rice size), boil with 200 gr water until the half of water is gone. after that filter away the flesh, and mix the remaining solution...
  18. L

    Turkish Dead Beat Dad Abandons 4 Kids In Canada!!

    To read more about it...go to westcoastbulls website.
  19. Bubskar

    You can't beat a Menamen

    As I was just thinking about supper tonight and wondering where my "Marigolds" were it reminded me of the nice menamen I whipped up the other night. It's a nice quick, cheap and easy dish at any time but please be AWARE of the Aci Biber!! Generally I am not adverse to a hot pepper inadvertently...
  20. shirleyanntr

    can you beat this test

    Here is the Washington Post's Mensa Invitational which once again asked readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition. The winners are: 1. Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject...
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