1. S

    Sun beds and Bean bags?

    Hiya, a friend is staying in Altinkum and wants to buy some sun beds and some sofa type bean bags, does anyone know anywhere around there that makes them/sells them? Also best place for reasonably priced curtains? Thanks Sara
  2. Firefox

    Starbucks not a Bean

    1) Starbucks Make £400 Mil in sales in Uk Not a bean in Tax. 2) FaceBook £187 Mil Profit in Uk only less then £1 Mil in Tax. 3) Google £2.2 Mil Sales in Uk £8 Mil in Tax 4) Vodafone 5) Barclays 6) Boots FireFox Cleaning services in the UK Sales p.a £18600 Tax & Ni paid £64.830.27p:27: Who is...
  3. P

    Sean Bean - ladies beware!

    Just checked the TV guide to discover that Sean Bean is about to appear in a TV drama DRESSED AS A WOMAN! So let this thread be a warning to any like-minded ladies out there; our fantisies are about to be shredded. The Dearly Beloved thinks this is a great joke and has threatened to record said...
  4. sunshine

    Bean Bags

    Does anyone happen to know the cost of those lovely big bean bags and cushions that are used out of doors and are ideal for sun bathing? I could kick myself as I walked past a shop that made them and never popped in to see the price on my recent visit, the shop is on the road by the side of...
  5. T

    kemal (mr bean )

    Has anyone got any contact details for kemal ,known as mr bean ,from the Target bar in turgutries? or Erjhan from the Radio bar ? (Names might not be spelt correctly )

    Danny Dyer and Sean Bean in town

    Danny Dyer and Sean Bean are filming Age of Heroes in our village this weekend. 20 young and fit men were required for extras, as soldiers and military police. Im a bit upset they don;t want any middle aged biddies , cos i would have been straight there !
  7. P

    Bean bag filling

    This might sound a daft questiion - but does anyone know where I could buy bean bag filling (polystyrene) in or around Bodrum? Planning to make a couple of bean beds to take over, but don't think they'd let me on the plane if they were filled!!! Thanks :crazy:
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