1. A

    Best beaches in Turkey?

    Hi, I heard Bodrum is nice. which part of Turkey has the best sandy beaches?
  2. T

    Best beaches around Alanya

    Hi all, On my various trips to Turkey (Turgetreis & Icmeler) I've only ever found one really nice sandy beach in Icmeler where they imported fine sand (I was told 100 lorry loads but not sure if that is true)/ Basically I'm wondering what the beaches are like in Alanya - I heard Cleopatra...
  3. T

    Sunset Basko now running Beach Club at Gultan and Basko beaches.

    More options opening up every year in Tuzla. Suleyman is offering free shuttle services to Gultan and Basko beaches, side by side beaches. Looks like he's running the cafe on Gultan his year.
  4. C

    Turgutreis Beaches

    Over the weekend volunteer divers for the Belediye cleaned the seabed off Turguteis's Günbası and Sabancı Park beaches and the Harbour. Unbelievable amount of rubbish! Good effort but let's hope they can keep the beaches themselves a bit cleaner this season (and onwards)...
  5. W

    Danger on beaches

    Just seen this, it makes you think. Islamic State threaten to target Brits on Turkish beaches | Latest News | Latest Breaking News | Daily Star
  6. O

    Gulluk Beaches 2014

    Hi there, We're a couple looking at renting an apart in Gulluk at the end of August, one of the questions we had was about the beaches and the specifically the water. I understand the beaches are man made a mixture of gravel and sand I guess but also when in the water is it stony? rocky...
  7. T

    Beaches around Side

    We are staying at the Kentia Apts soon and want to know how far off is the beach from our Hotel and what is the quickest route to it? Also do they still do boat trips to Manavgat from Side? Any info much appreciated.
  8. J

    Best Beaches in Alanya/Oba?

    Could those in the know please tell me where is the best part of the beach in the Alanya/Oba area to sunbathe for getting in the sea,cleanliness,drinks,etc.Thank you.
  9. G

    Antalya beaches

    Hello Can somebody please kindly advise me if there are any sandy beaches in Antalya. I am staying central Antalya and was wondering where the nearest Antalya sandy beach is. Thanks Paul
  10. N

    Yalikavak Beaches

    Hi, Any recommendations for sandy beaches within a Dolmus ride of Yalikavak , lead to believe the local Yalikavak beach is a bit stony ? Cheers.
  11. S


    hi all with a less than a month to go for my first time in alanya can you tell me will it be warm enough to go into the sea about the 9th or 10th of june,:clap::clap::clap: counting the sleeps till then.
  12. C

    Beachologists OF THE WORLD! UNITE!

    Let's have a beach contest List your 3 top beaches (criteria= its natural beauty, just imagine it deserted and off-season and let's fall outside the it-has-to-be-Oludeniz cliche) Let's have Fun. Life's a Beach! 1. 2. 3.
  13. C


    Does anyone know why some beaches are denied for outside people? Any experiences and what to do about this? Some sites deny none members access to the beach? Anyone heard of it ?
  14. shirleyanntr

    beaches from East to West

    Alanya city has extensive beaches on either side of the peninsula and the suburbs have some of the best yet least advertised in Turkey. Okcullar İncekum Avsallar Payallar Türkler Konaklı all have decent facilites..some have better quality sand than others and some like avsallar/İncekum can...
  15. M

    where best beaches

    would like to know your veiws on different beaches around yalikavak area...or about 20min drive to them please ...thanks x
  16. H

    beaches around yalikavak

    hi I'm new to this forum thing and i think i've been a bit rubbish at asking about things as i can't seem to find the replies - duurrrr - can anyone help re good restaurants and beaches in and around ortakent and yalikavak please as we are nearly on our way and i'm so excited - i know i'm a...
  17. arrian

    Turkeys' top 10 beaches

    there was a thread on beaches recently, but i thought i'd add this. Top 10 beaches in Turkey | Travel |
  18. immac

    10 Best Beaches

    From Guardian: Top 10 beaches in TurkeyForget Turkey's teeming resorts. Here are 10 crowd-free beaches, from hidden bays to pristine secluded coves Annabelle Thorpe, Tuesday 22 June 2010 | Golden arc ... Kaputas beach, near Kalkan. Photograph: Ellen Rooney/Robert Harding...
  19. Yalides

    Best beaches in Turkey

    For me it would be Patara beach
  20. ceemac

    More Blue Flags and clean beaches expected for Turkey in 2010

    Although Turkey’s peak tourism season is still months away, members of Turkey’s “Blue Flag jury” met last week to determine which tourist hotspots will win the right to fly the Blue Flag this year. Here C
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