1. V

    Solar energy producing beach umbrellas
  2. M

    Sitesi Recommandation in Calis Beach, Fethiye

    I'm researching various sitesi around Calis beach in Foca Mh and Akarca Mh to purchase a detached villa. Which sitesi do you recommend for high built quality, modern, family oriented and quite (as opposed to a sitesi that most of their villas being rental holiday homes, noisy and popular for...
  3. E

    Nikki Beach in Torba

    I thought Alanya was getting expensive . Welcome to Bodrum Ünlü mekanda ?ezlonga oturma paras? dudak uçuklatt? - Cumhuriyet Türkiye Haberleri
  4. Tommie

    Altinkum 2nd Beach

    In Didim, by the Tuntas Hotel, there is a beach but I'm no sure of it's official name. Once upon a time, probably 10 or more years ago, it was known as the Tuntas Beach. However, I believe it may have been unoffically named as 2nd Beach by the local hotels, bars & residences. Then, at some time...
  5. A

    Promenade going through Old Town Side and East Beach soon.

    After all the rumours I have been hearing about the extension of the Side promenade, I have had it confirmed by Joanne of Guven Hotel in Old Town Side - a lovely typically Turkish b and b for only £12 per night and no single supplement - they have a log burning fire in the winter there too. So...
  6. P

    Belek to Lara beach

    hi, could anyone tell me how long it would take to get to lara beach from belek in a taxi and how much it would cost, thanks
  7. Mushtaq

    Altinkum beach September 2017

    After a few years of absence I visited altinkum today, the beach and area was generally busy but one thing is very noticeable this time majority of holiday makers were Turkish, I think about 90% Bars and restaurants are not so busy, I think guys running these are suffering, is this the same in...
  8. L

    Arion beach

    HI GUYS, HAPPY SUNDAY Have you been to Arion beach close to Gumusluk? Is it worth going? Any info on prices and facilities would be much appreciated. Cheers¡
  9. V

    Shanty Beach

    Does anyone know if the Shanty Beach is open for the new season & whether they can still sell alcohol? We are coming over to our villa tomorrow & usually like a night out in Side at some point in our holiday. If they are still serving cocktails then I will need to book a hotel for a night, so...
  10. juco

    TURTLE LAYS EGGS, altinkum beach

    Joy as turtle lays eggs on Altinkum?s main beach ? Voices Newspaper
  11. Devil's_Advocate

    Riot on the Beach

    On the 28th July 2016, the BBC ran an item about a Corsican nationalist group who:- "... has said it will retaliate for any attack by Islamists on the French island." Corsican nationalists warn jihadists of tough response - BBC News Fast forward to yesterday and the following happened:-...
  12. D

    Oruc invade Iztuzu Beach illegally - again!

    Dalyan Çevre Geliştirme Turizm İnşaat Emlak ve Otel A.Ş. (DALCEV)’s claim to have the management rights over Dalyan’s Iztuzu Beach and their attempt to put their personal bellongings in one of the huts in the beach has arouse a new argument. Tuesday night, a group of people whom claim to be...
  13. C

    Diamond Beach

    Anybody come across the new development Diamond beach? Akbuk bay.
  14. T

    Disaster at Silver Sands beach

    just come back from a short break at Silver Sands Beach - was astounded to see that the Silver Sands, Star Beach and Moonlight beach restaurants have been razed to the ground? what happened? who is responsible? The beach itself is covered in winter detritus - totally covered in sticks and...
  15. mafalda

    Swimming competition at Iztuzu beach

    Good morning, For the early risers who do not already know: there is an international swimming competition at Iztuzu beach today, which starts at 11:00. Apparently, there will be free boats to the beach between 08:30 and 09:30 and returning at 14:30. Prize giving will take place at the square...
  16. teosgirl

    New government project Camel Beach area

    Diyanet?ten Bodrum?a ??slam Tan?t?m ve Bilgilendirme Merkezi? ? Sözcü Gazetesi According to the article, a huge Islamic promotion and information centre is being built by the government at a cost of 30 million lira at the blue flag camel Beach. Charlotte
  17. Spurs

    Another beach attack - Ivory Coast

    You just couldn't make it up !!! france 24 - Live: Deadly shooting at Ivory Coast beach resort - France 24
  18. L

    Long term rental calis beach

    Hi all Iam looking to rent a villa on a long term rental from end of 2016 or early 2017 anyone know anywhere? Any help would be great. Thanks dave b
  19. HelenSnowball

    Another toddler dead on Turkish beach

    Once again, a little child has been found dead on a beach, washed up from a migrant boat somewhere. Is it just me, or does nothing seem to be being done? It seems as though as Europe made promises to take in lots of refugees, that meant they could take their eye of trying to stop traffickers...
  20. L

    Dolmus to Beach

    Does anyone know when the dolmus to the beach will stop running this year? TIA
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