1. S

    Big girls bday

    Big girls bday this week What do you buy the woman who has eaten everything?
  2. S

    Happy Bday Lewknor

    Have a smashing Bday Frank
  3. John LeNeve

    Happy B-Day John Wayne

    John Wayne would have been 106 today. Today, in the US, it is memorial day. One of our major holidays. It is also John Wayne's 106th birthday (if he were still alive). John Wayne is THE American actor. Love him or us he is what the US is about (or maybe was) from the 30's till the 70's. No...
  4. S

    Happy bday Turkey Property Centre

    Have a good one
  5. S

    Happy Bday Lewknor

    Birthday greetings to my fellow Uzumluite Have a great bday
  6. shirleyanntr

    happy b'day Chelseaboy

    ─░ve just notied its chelseaboys getting older day..hah:evil: never mind kid hope you are having a great day..wherever you are hanging your hat these days i miss your controversial posts..stop lurking and get posting Many happy returns :bounce:
  7. S

    Shirleys bday drinks

    Despite it being almost 40 degrees I have decided to go and have a bday drink for Shirl in our little village. But such a hot day and a 10 min walk I hear you cry-Its the least I can do to mark this ladies arrival on this planet all those many many years ago. If anyone else can think of a...
  8. S

    Trevors Bday!!!!

    I have just noticed on the TLF bdays list that today is trevors birthday!!!!! Happy bday-new hat on its way to you soon
  9. S

    Bruces bday today!

    I know this fella from my Deliktas days. Typical Scot, ie great laugh, decent person and buys his round. Cant believe hes 72 today as he doesnt look a day over 70. Best wishes for today Bruce.
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