1. gam101

    Balcony BBQ / grilling?

    Ola folks! Quick question please; When renting, is it possible/permissible to BBQ :flame: with a small gas grill in apartments on the balcony, generally speaking? We are still new & settling in around Istanbul, so the above info. is appreciated. Thank you. :thanks:
  2. bickern

    We are about to enter the BBQ season

    PLEASE TAKE NOTE, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. BBQ RULES: We are about to enter the BBQ season. Therefore it is important to refresh your memory on the etiquette of this sublime outdoor cooking activity. When a man volunteers to do the BBQ the following chain of events are put into motion: (1)...
  3. D

    BBQ. A home run

    BBQ. A home run | The Old Groaner "At this stage of course my silly wife put her oar in. She asked the guests how they wanted their meat, lightly done, medium or well done? Those who knew me just looked over and smiled knowing smiles. Nothing leaves my griddle until it is coal black, that is...
  4. R

    Propane BBQ grill on balcony?

    Anyone have problems with a propane bbq grill on there balcony? One the 4th floor of an 8 story complex.
  5. S

    BBQ at Camelot (Turgutreis) on 31st Jan

    Hi all, Camelot Restaurant & Bar is offering a nice BBQ deal next Thursday (31st Jan) with mixed grilled meats, veggies etc... you can call 0541 377 9404 for more information. Cheers, Selin
  6. A

    Stone bbq

    I may want a stone bbq building out side my villa next year maybe in the winter any ideas on who could do it and the cost.
  7. D

    throw away bbq's

    hi all...can anyone tell me if i am wrong in remembering carrefour and tansas sell the little throw away one use bbq's...i remember they DO, but am wondering if i making it up! bringing frozen sausages so we can have a couple bbq's out on the edges of the beach later in the day as the sun starts...
  8. partypixie

    Football & BBQ

    I'm told that England are playing Sweden on Friday night and te kick off is at 9.45pm in Turkey. Oceana Cocktail Bar in Calis as always are showing the match on their huge screen. They have decided to make a bit of a night of it and Mehmet is doing a big BBQ - chicken, kofte, rice, salad and...
  9. P

    Gas BBQ

    Does anyone know where I can buy a gas BBQ. Not a little tabletop one but a proper wagon type with 2 burners? Looked at Koctas but they only had one which seemed a bit flimsy. Thank you one and all
  10. B

    coming back for 1 month 7 May. Bıg Beach BBQ anyone ?

    İ cant stop coming back to a place İ love very much Turgutreis. especially now that İm retired . İ loved my BBQs near the beach only wısh İ could marinate chicken but want and İm going to learn when İ come over . what about someone organising a Beach BBQ but make sure you invite me ! İ also...
  11. Yalides

    BBQ at Alma restaurant

    BBQ at Elma restaurant sunday 26 th february from 05.00pm onwards. 10TL a head.
  12. K

    BBQ purchase

    Does anyone know where I can buy a 'stand-alone' BBQ ? I'm looking for the large 'chimenea',clay/masonary type design, not a metal design. I would have liked a stone built BBQ to match my villa but keep getting quoted silly money.
  13. perfect1949

    free BBQ at Sandima bar

    this coming Thursday thank's to the curtsy of Bora , he will be having a free BBQ everyone welcome . dave
  14. ICF

    Balcony BBQ

    :thumbup:Not long off my Hol's at Olive Gardens:thumbup: This might be a daft question but do you use the stone built Turkish balcony BBQ's the same as an ordinary one.
  15. M

    Wanted-Gas BBQ

    If anyone in or around Bodrum has a Gas BBQ for sale please pm me. Thank you.
  16. yalimart

    gas bbq in bodrum area

    hi there we are considering buying a good quality gas bbq for the roof terrace, i seem to remember passing a shop, probably in or near konacik area. not looking for a huge one but one of decent quality any ideas where we can buy one, koctas and tekzen dont look promising ! thanks martin
  17. W


    Hi all at sunflower apartments my name is vicky and currently buying an apartment on the complex. i was wondering if anyone can tell me if we are allowed a bbq on our balconys.
  18. Ms Who

    BBQ Night 10ytl

    Lo all, The folks at Casserole are having a BBQ night this Wednesday (9th June) at around 8pm. Consisting off a bbq buffet with mezze, salad and rice and a casserole special cocktail all for the bargain price of 10ytl per person!! They have around 35 people booked in so far and the restaurant...
  19. M

    live Turkish music tonight Saturday!

    Lyn has internet problems, but just told me tonight at the Poolside Restaurant, Derby,they've got a poolside BBQ -an open buffet, with 12 mezzes and mixed grill with salad etc for 20 tl but the really good bit is the Turkish band, Dreaming in Cliffs are playing for the 1st time in this area...
  20. Angela Stansfield

    BBQ Akbuk 2nd May

    Just to let everyone know that we are holding another BBQ on Sunday 2nd May from 2pm onwards. Location is at the back of the Tea Pot next to the vets. ALL proceeds to go to the Animal Shelter. There will be a selection of Mezzes and deserts in addition to the BBQ. All for 15tl. Akbuk's Got...
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