1. Yani

    BBC2 Rick Stein

    For those of you with access to BBC2, on Thursday 12th November, Rick Stein continues his journey to Istanbul. In this episode he visits, Cesme, Eski Foca, Urla and Sirince. Well worth watching.
  2. J

    bbc2 thurs 2nd 9pm

    I'm not a fan of Jeremy Clarkson, but looking forward to this... BBC Two - PQ17: An Arctic Convoy Disaster I've had the honour of speaking to some convoy vets, its a remarkable story and puts our own trials and tribulations into perspective. 35 000 merchant seafarers were lost at sea between...
  3. R

    Tribal Wives Tonight at 11.20pm BBC2

    Going to watch this, sounds interesting....they are in Southern Turkey tonight Cheers
  4. susie

    BBC2 11.20pm Explore: Turkey on the Edge: The Turkish Dating Game

    I watched last week's programme and found it interesting. There's another one tonight at 11.20 on BBC2. This week's episode: Adil is invited to appear as a contestant on a popular Turkish dating show, Su Gibi, where traditional Muslim views sit comfortably alongside more modern ones. BBC -...
  5. M


    I am not sure if anyone has mentioned it or not but there is a programme on BBC2 tonight at 9.00p.m. called Exploring Istanbul and Anatolia.
  6. jcrian

    BBC2 8pm Tonight

    In the UK, there is a program on BBC2 at 8pm tonight. Rick Stein travelling through Southeastern Turkey where he has said he had the best Kebab he's ever eaten...............obviously hasn't been to Koycegiz!! :lol:
  7. jandj

    BBC2 thursday

    Found a new programme on British TV. worth a look, but I wouldn't change my villa in Kusadasi. Uncharted Territory Thu 26 May, 18:30 - 19:00 30 mins A brand new programme looks at the property in northern Turkey, as they head for the hills to investigate what it...
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