1. IbrahimAbi


    I thought it time that we had a thread relating to the BBC, programmes and content. I know that more progressive TLFers are onto Netflix, but there are a few of us who like to moan about the Beeb. What are you currently enjoying? What are your gripes? You know it makes sense to post it on here.
  2. S

    BBC using VPN

    Does Bbc still work using a Vpn in Turkey?
  3. bickern

    Home of new ideas from the BBC

    Taster is the home of new ideas from the BBC. It’s a new way to deliver all the freshest ideas and experiments, from across the BBC straight to you. Before we release new projects into the world we want you to try them. Some may float your boat, while others might sink. You let us know what you...
  4. N

    ayatallah bbc is at it again

    the bbc has come to the assistance of the iranian regime by starting prormas which demonises the main iranian opposition (national council for resistance in iran)NCRI. THEY HAVE ONCE HELPED THE THE BRITISH AND AMERICAN GOVERNMENTS TO OVERTHROW THE NATIONALIST GOVERNMENT OF DR MOSADAQ AND...
  5. N


    Last week three people were arrested in belguim for preparing to bomb an iranian opposition gathering in paris where politicians from all over the globe including america ,uk and canda were making speech and could have potentially been killed in this attack.An iranian diplomat based in Austria...
  6. mollag

    BBC news

    Not that I'm paranoid, but my BBC news page is saying unavailable, will this be down to Erdogan or Gulen ?
  7. IbrahimAbi

    BBC programme on Turkish History

    The world-renowned British actor and radio presenter Larry Lamb and his son, radio and television presenter George Lamb, will introduce Turkish history, archeology and culture on a TV show, state-run Anadolu Agency has reported. Lamb, known for his role in the BBC’s TV series “Eastenders,” and...
  8. immac

    BBC Pay

    Watching the hoo-ha about BBC pay rates, you realise that, like NHS, it is one of those British icons that politicians meddle with at their peril. The BBC has skilfully steered the criticism from excessive pay of a few, into a discussion about equal pay for women; this morning it is vowing to...
  9. IbrahimAbi

    BBC Reporter deported from Turkey

    The subject title tells it all, but a few more details in the article would not hurt. Or then again they might! BBC World correspondent deported from Turkey - RIGHTS
  10. Spurs


    And yet another great wildlife programme courtesy off BBC 1. Makes it worthwhile to pay the licence fee............well at least part of it. Spy in the Wild........well worth a watch.
  11. RedBloodedHound

    BBC numeracy.

    Not sure if I should be concerned about the position of England in the tables or the BBC listing the "Secondary maths top 10" with England in eleventh place. Singapore tops global education rankings - BBC News
  12. juco

    Annoying BBC pop-up for breaking news

    Does anyone else get annoyed by that pop-up for breaking news on the BBC website , as you navigate around the website it pops up time and time again. This is how to get rid of it (I use adblock) 1st method...... On Windows this file is in Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and on Linux / OS X it's...
  13. Talkinman

    BBC Iplayer subtitles

    I have a slight problem with BBC Iplayer I download using a VPN and on my Ipad mini all programs have subtitles whilst on my wifes they do not. This is a recent thing on mine so I wondered if I had inadvertently changed my settings although I can not seem to rectify this. Any suggestions would...
  14. Jaycey

    BBC Cutbacks

    Why cuts to the BBC’s recipe website could be the final straw According to the BBC’s soon-to-be-scrapped recipes page, it takes less than 30 minutes to make salami tarts. It will take rather longer for the government to salami-slice the BBC, but that is surely the plan. Last year, the...
  15. Spurs


    It may have its faults but when it comes to drama, the BBC is second to none. "Line of Duty" BBC2..................Brilliant. I do wonder if these programmes have some factual aspects to them, in this case I think they do. The only issue I have with the programme was showing that piece of cr*p...
  16. bickern

    BBC begins blocking VPN access to iPlayer

    The BBC has begun to actively block VPN servers from accessing its iPlayer video streaming service, the broadcaster has told Torrent Freak. The block is affecting not just those from outside the UK that attempt to access the UK-only service via a VPN, but also those who use a VPN for security...
  17. lilacdiana

    Brit's Abroad BBC Radio4

    Whilst working tonight and out and about in my car an advert came on the for a program being aired on Radio 4 next week (every day) called Brits abroad. They played clips from the program and one really caught my attention. A young man asked why is it that his friend who moved over from Poland...
  18. bickern

    BBC 'could charge for iPlayer'

    The BBC could start charging for the iPlayer online catchup service as George Osborne announces a £650 million raid on the licence fee. The Chancellor warned the broadcaster must make a "contribution" to dealing with the deficit, and would have to pick up the bill for free TV licences for the...
  19. teosgirl

    BBC news daily motion - Izmir A look at Izmir people, some of the opinions about the current political situation. Charlotte
  20. bickern

    BBC have YouTube channel for watching content.

    The BBC have a youtube page, they put videos and stuff on there but not full TV shows. Might be of interest to some. :ukflag:
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