1. S

    Istanbul Grand Bazaar
  2. bickern

    Muğla bazaar, trade center of the past

    Muğla bazaar, trade center of the past A historic Ottoman bazaar, called “Arasta” in Turkish, in the western province of Muğla has been attracting many people since its establishment hundreds of years ago. The bazaar is home to 100 shops, with saddlers, shoe sellers, hairdressers, hardware...
  3. Number6

    The end of the Grand Bazaar?

    It would seem that along with many other famous landmarks The Grand Bazaar is also being targeted in the gradual destruction of the historical attractions of Istanbul....Merchants of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar fear for their futures as evictions loom | World news | The Guardian
  4. teosgirl

    Capul Urla exchange bazaar This event is being held in Urla, Iskele, on the 18th July (this Thursday) The exchange bazaar is the first of it's kind in Turkey. The second-hand/new exchange bazaar's basic principle is that people exchange (without cash) items including books, toys...
  5. M

    Hotels/apartments close to marina or start of bazaar?

    Hi Does anyone know of any decently priced hotels/apartments or apartments to rent near the marina or the start of the bazaar where the big tansas used to be? Thanks in advance
  6. Elvira

    Antalya Bazaar 2010

    This year the annual bazaar organised by the 'International Women of Antalya' will take place in the usual venue at the 'Talya Hotel' convention centre. It is on Sunday 28th November.For people who have not attended before it is an event to raise money for the underpriviledged in Turkey and we...
  7. teosgirl

    Sigacik night bazaar

    Sigacik has opened a night bazaar. The night bazaar is open every afternoon/evening until late; we were wondering around at 12 midnight and it was still busy. There's also a small childrens funpark, a fish market where you can eat cheap fish dinners and a few cafes and restaurants, and all...
  8. teosgirl

    Sigacik village bazaar

    I mentioned our local community bazaar a while ago on another thread, and promised to add some pictures. This bazaar encorporates the cittaslow theme and is a project which was developed by the Seferihisar mayor. It's located in the old castle area, along the small winding streets and the...
  9. R

    Xmas Bazaar

    It's that time of year again and The International Women of Antalya will be holding the Xmas Bazaar again.As always it will be held at The Talya Hotel Convention Centre in Antalya Sunday November 22nd and doors open at 10-00am.It's a good day out and for worthy causes so do please try to...
  10. KKOB

    Marks & Spark's Penny Bazaar

    Marks & Spencer is running another of its hugely popular Penny Bazaars this Friday (13th November). In the event – to mark the store's 125th birthday – 15 items will be on sale for just 1p each. You're each allowed to buy up to five 1p items, and the offer will run in all of Marks' main UK...
  11. K

    When is the weekly Side bazaar

    Hi... I'm an American in Alanya, I'm coming to Side for the day but would like to come on the Bazaar day.. can anyone tell me what day that is ...I heard it's a really great one... Any Americans there in Side??? Kathy:28:
  12. R

    Antalya Xmas Bazaar

    Once again the Ladies of The International Women of Antalya will be holding there Xmas Bazaar. This will take place in the conference center of The Talya Hotel on Dec. 2nd between 10-30 & 18-00 hrs. The Talya is located near to Antalya center and you can park at the football stadium which is...
  13. Andywebb

    Alanya Bazaar

    Good luck with your bazaar today in Alanya Lynda, hope you make loads of money. The weather looks perfect in Alanya today on the webcam, so you should have loads of visitors, sorry not us, on route to Kos!! Andy
  14. Lynda

    Bazaar in Alanya

    The International Womens Group of Alanya is having a bazaar on May the 19th at the Grand Zaman hotel on Ataturk Cad ( Damlataş side - next foor to Grand Okan Otel) This is the third bazaar they have done and the proceeds in the past have gone to support schools in the area and a local animal...
  15. Leigh

    New Year Bazaar - Bodrum

    If anyone has time to volunteer help on the secondhand book stall on Saturday and Sunday 16 & 17 December, in Oasis at the New Year Bazaar (gifts and food sold to raise money for local education) please either let myself, or Chris Drum Berkaya from the Bodrum Observer know. Chris can be...
  16. shirleyanntr

    the famous covered bazaar of istanbul

    for tourists in istanbul this is a must visit place and this interesting article i took from ottoman .org The Covered Bazaar - A Miniature Town The Kapali Carsi or Covered Bazaar or Grand Baazar is one of Istanbul's most intriguing sights. This labyrinth of vaulted roofed winding streets and...
  17. Lynda

    Antalya bazaar

    There is an International womens group in Antalya that holds a Xams bazaar every year. I have been a member of this group for over 6 years although I can not attend to many functions due to living in Alanya, I always work at the Xmas bazaar. I was "mother xmas" last year.. :crazy: The Club is...
  18. merlin

    Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar in New York....

    TDN The American Business Forum in Turkey and the Greater Istanbul Municipality promoted Turkey on New York's 3rd Avenue through a "Grand Bazaar in New York" exhibit last Sunday at which Turkish products were featured. Turks took part in the annual 3rd Avenue Festival, organized for 30...
  19. P


    i have heard the bazaar in istanbul is closing for refurbishment in august do any of the members know about this and when will it be open again
  20. merlin

    Grand Bazaar Istanbul....

    Whether you plan to fill your case with goods to take home or not, you must set aside at least half a day to explore the Grand Bazaar, known in Turkish as the Kapali Carsi a shopping experience unlikely to be matched anywhere else in the world. This is said to be the largest covered bazaar...
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