1. Akasya

    Kurban Bayram

    Iyi Bayramlar Arkadaslar Steve n Jackie
  2. Freedom 49

    Zafer Bayram

    Iyi Bayramlar everyone! 96 years to celebrate today. I remember being in Kuşadasi when we celebrated the 75th year and a good time was had by all. I wonder what they'll have planned for the 100th in 4 years time? These years roll on so quickly as I get older, we're going to be there before we...
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Extended Bayram

    It is now official the Bayram has been extended to 'help the economy' Turkey's Eid al-Adha holiday extended to 10 days - POLITICS The long holiday means that Turks will be able to take trips from Saturday, August 26 and only return to their offices on Tuesday, September 5. Get your official...
  4. IbrahimAbi

    Extended Bayram?

    Local tourism officials and industry leaders are going head-to-head on whether the next Bayram should be extended. I love the last paragraph by the head of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association:- “Bodrum is waiting for local tourists. We have had serious problems in the last three years. There was...
  5. Kingfisher

    Health problems at Bayram

    Hürriyet reporter Aziz Özen, who was following Erdoğan, said he saw the president collapse at 6 a.m. before the start of the prayers. “Bodyguards quickly ran to the scene, and then the doctors came,” said Özen. Erdoğan says he is well after suffering health problem during Eid prayers...
  6. kemerkid

    Bayram kutlu olsun

    Bayram kutlu olsun to all on TLF.
  7. Freedom 49

    Be Prepared for Bayram Closures.

    Just a quick one to say that all Banks, Belediyes, Tax Offices, and probably the Post Offices will be closed Monday right through to Friday next week. Şeker Bayram kicks in on Tuesday 5th July but the Govt has granted a full 9 day holiday, starting this week Saturday 2nd July - Saturday 9th...
  8. teosgirl

    Bayram extended

    Turkey declares nine-day public holiday for Eid al-Fitr week - RELIGION This years eid al fitr public holidays have been extended due to tourism woes. Charlotte
  9. oldfogy

    Bayram Holiday Shut-down

    I have just picked this up from elsewhere and although I don't doubt the source can anyone confirm this especially relating to the Didim area. Only I have friends going out specifically to buy/conclude on a property purchase next week and want to know if it's still worth their while going at...
  10. B


    Are there any closures of public institutions or shops due to the Bayram holiday this week.
  11. S

    Bayram and shops opening?

    Hiya, does anyone know if Kipa in Ortakent will be open over the Bayram weekend of the 17th-19th July? I seem to remember that they only shut for the first day, just wondered if that was changing this year? Thanks Sara
  12. beyazbayan

    Bayram geliyor

    Well it's comming round again only a few days to go. We are off to the family it will be the usual people people and more people not my scene and İ will take as much as İ can then off upstairs to my own home and close the door with a book. They thrive on a house packed to the gunnels and as...
  13. kemerkid


    Bayram Kutlu Olsun to all my readers.
  14. altinkum kev

    Seker/Ramadan Bayram

    Seker/Ramadan Bayram begins at noon on Wednesday, August 7. All government offices and banks will be closed until Monday, August 12.
  15. S

    Cocuk Bayram - Bank holiday???

    Is cocuk bayram, 23/4. a bank holiday????
  16. scotssteve

    Ramazan into bayram

    Just a quick post to note my admiration for all those TLF members (and spouses) who are coming to the end of Ramazan. I honestly don't know how you manage to observe the intentions and physical constraints which are at the heart of this observance - I do know that I could not do it, and...
  17. maggie

    Bayram Hols/

    Is the Grand Bazaar going to be closed during the forthcomming Bayram Holiday please ?Hugs Maggie x
  18. A

    Janet and Bayram Can - Yalikavak

    Does anyone know if Janet is still open for business in Yalikavak? I have been trying to contact them but to no avail and just wondered if they were still managing and looking after properties? If anyone is in the area or has been recently I would be really grateful if they could let me know.
  19. scotssteve

    What did you do for Bayram?

    Just curious TLFr's - here we are living in a muslim country and yesterday was a major holiday. How did you spend the day? I was lucky (and I mean that) to be invited to spend the afternoon with one set of friends and the evening with another set. It was lovely to see so many happy people, the...
  20. D

    This Bayram Friday what poison are you partaking in?

    i have found the greatest off license in turkey--it sells decent foreign wine for 11tl--i have got a zinfadel red in front of me from australia and its delicious. the off licence seems to be some kind of wholesale business and is full of 'crates' of wine!-worst of all it is 5 mins from my home!
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