1. S

    Bay of Biscay Europes calmest water

    Yalimart get a load of this Just found this article in a newspaper. " Scientists have now proven that the B of B is now the worlds calmest seaway. Professor Fink of Rutland University stated " we especially found car ferries sailed very smoothly, especially during May"
  2. H

    2nd Yalikavak Marina Tiklik Bay

    Hi, I read in Yalikavak Facebook group about the plans for another marina (written by Ken Glen) Just to add to the lunacy, plans have been revealed for a new 400,000 sq metre marina in Yalikavak's Tilkicik bay. No this isn't an early April Fool's joke. Three companies put in tenders last...
  3. bal canavar

    e bay CYBER ATTACK

    E bay has had bad cyber attack and asked people to RESET their passwords ASAP so if people have uk accounts better to reset
  4. bickern

    Court orders end to Pirate Bay ban

    A Dutch court has told local internet service providers they can restore access to The Pirate Bay. The ISPs had been ordered in 2011 to stop internet addresses linked to the file-sharing site working. But the Hague Appeals Court has reversed the decision on the basis it had proved...
  5. N

    New hotel at Koyunbaba, Carian Bay

    Any updates on the development of the Carian Bay project at Koyunbaba bay. we own a house enar the mosque so would like to keep informed of how things are going over the winter. Any info/ photos would be hugely appreciated. Cheers
  6. mollag

    Pirate bay probs

    i hanvt been able to open Pirate Bay for a couple of days. I see they are now dot se rather than dot org, is this my problem or have the copy goons closed them dowm?
  7. D

    Phase 1 duplex for sale 2 bed / 2 bath FOR SALE in Bay of Gulluk

    Hi, we have a phase 1 duplex for sale. Block 2 end terrace overlooking phase 1 pool. Breathtaking views. Furniture pack included. Immaculate! Let me know if you want more info. Open to offers. Thanks Mike
  8. D

    E bay??

    I have 2 small boys and regularly use e-bay to buy books and games amongst other things with delivery to Turkey averaging a week or so. I am currnetly looking at nintendo ds and the kids digi cameras and just wondering if anybody had ordered small electrical products online to be delivered...
  9. C

    Late night drama in Koyunbaba bay

    Sat on our terrace late last night when we heard a commotion in the bay.Two boats with search lights were scanning the waters in the bay opposite Chrystal hotel and they were shouting as though they were seaching for someone.When our turkish maintainance man came he was asked to go and...
  10. Turley

    White bay apartments akbuk

    Hi Does anybody have an appartment to rent at white bay appartments akbuk next to Tansas. thank you
  11. J

    Carian Bay Spa and Beach Resort

    Those of you familiar with the Koyanbaba Bay area of Gumusluk - just past the new mosque and Migros on the road towards Gumuskaya/Yalikavak will have noted the new excavation and building work down in the bay. It seems as though at least part of it is a new hotel (mentioned by others on here)...
  12. A

    harmony bay resort

    very sorry if there is a thread on this already harmony bay resort (fact or fiction)?:fish2:
  13. N

    Accomodation in Gumusluk bay

    Hi folks Can anyone advise me if there is any accomodation for rental down at the waterfront in Gumusluk bay in early July. Looking to stay for 2/3 days only. I know there are no hotels as such there along front but wasnt sure about b&b situation. If not can anyone recommend anywhere that is...
  14. J

    Sunset Bay let down

    Has everyone completed on their property? We could not get a mortgage to cover the money on the apartment so pulled out & now odek want to take us to court but we don't have the money to pay & our house is now in neg et because of the market! Did everyone else manage to complete & were you...
  15. M

    Bluewater Bay Owners

    Please read the thread Gundogan rip-off! It is no good trying to sue this guy. He has no money and no business. Coincidentally it all vanished shortly after we started court action!
  16. M

    3 bedroom apartment for sale with stunning views of Kusadasi harbour and bay

    3 bedroom apartment for sale in the Hacifezullah district of Kusadasi overlooking the harbour and Kusadasi bay. The apartment is finished to a high standard and can be bought fully furnished or unfurnished. It has 2 large double bedrooms and 1 single bedroom. Large bathroom with shower and...
  17. L

    Dolphin Rescue - Akbuk Bay

    My husband, children and friends when out into Akbuk bay today on our small fishing boat. While they were there a 7ft 'wild' dolphin came near the boat and they could see that it was tangled up in netting.:wow: After swimming after it for about 1/2 hour, my husband mangaged to get hold of one...
  18. Yildez Datca

    Sharks spotted in Datca bay!

    Yesterday several of the Turkish newspapers and TV news channels carried this story! Two sharks were spotted and photograhed in the bay near Ilica Camping. I did a search in Hurriyet and found the article but for some reason it wouldn't open - maybe someone else can provide a link? Cemal and...
  19. S

    Flooding at Sunset Bay

    Is there anyone at Sunset Bay who can tell us if we have actually had flooding of the apartments please?? We have today had a general notification stating some apartments have been flooded, yet I pay the full Management Fee like others I am sure and not had any personal contact regarding my...
  20. larryfg54

    New Sunset Bay Gulluk Member

    Hello all, Larry and Louise here. We've been members on the Gulluk Owners forum for a while now but now we've took the plunge and joined this!!! :smile: Hopefully we can contribute to, what looks like, a very sucessfull forum already. Any other Sunset Bay members, HELLO :lol: Thanks, Louise...
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