1. E

    Turkish baths in Marmaris

    can anyone suggest the best place to get a turkish bath in marmaris and what the porice to be paid is. does it last a few hours. thanks

    Turkish baths

    Morning everybody can anyone recommend turkish bath / massage in the Turg/Gum/Yali area Thanks in advance Phil
  3. L

    Dalyan Mud Baths

    How do I get from Dalyan to the Mud Baths across the river please? Can someone give me boat times , and are the Mud Baths within walking distance from the river? Many Thanks
  4. E

    mud baths

    hi everyone , are there any mud baths closer to altinkum than dalyan ?
  5. P

    Turkish baths please?

    Hi all, Going to be arriving in Altinkum/Didim this Friday and wondered if anyone could advise me on a good Turkish bath to visit please. Thanks in advance.....Peter
  6. C

    Turkish Baths

    Hi all. We are travelling out to Yalikavak again in July (can't arrive soon enough!!!) and are intending to travel into Bodrum to do some sightseeing but also to go to visit a Turkish Bath. Anyone able to recommend anywhere and do I need to book in advance? Thanks Craig
  7. D

    any recommended turkish baths ?

    Hi All, We arrive Sat and was wondering if anyone who lives out there or is there frequently could recommend a Turkish Bath in the resort? we want the massage with soapy suds - last one i went to down near the front, a rd or two back on the opp side from Dolphin Square wasn't great at all, so...
  8. Y

    Mud Baths....?

    Can anyone help me regarding any info about the Mud Baths at Alarahan - From Alanya Route D400 north towards Manavgat, turn off at Okurcaler, total distance roughly 27 miles? Their website doesn't give anything in the way of opening times of the MBs, nor what eating facilities there are at...
  9. maggie

    Jaccuzzi Baths.

    I was just wondering what you people used to clean your jaccuzzi baths with. After a while there is a smell that appears as tho all the water has not drained away properly. Is there something you can buy that you can chuck in run the bath motor and it will take the smell away.!! I want to use...
  10. Andrew and Mary

    Turkish Baths

    Hiya, Hope you all had a good Christmas. We are now looking forward to seeing the New Year in in Turkey. I have experienced a Turkish Bath and found it a very enjoyable experience indeed. Does anyone know of a good Turkish Bath in Altinkum that will be open when we are over next week. Would...
  11. Y

    Turkish Baths

    We are coming back to Yalikavak three weeks today and cant wait. My wife and daughter like to have a turkish bath as this tends to help the tanning process (yawn). They didnt enjoy the one on the main road as you reach Bodrum (hope you know the one i mean) so would appreciate any...
  12. T

    Turkish Baths?

    Hi all, I'm heading to Gumbet on the 6th of June and would love to start my holiday with a turkish bath. Could anyone recommend one please. I had one in Kusadasi last year and it was just a tourist rip-off.
  13. shirleyanntr

    dalyan mud baths

    my swedish friend has just asked me if i know when the musbaths will be open..shes coming end of september beginning of october...shes been there several time but never this lte in the glad of any info... whoops..should have posted this on the dalyan forum..never mind..where are you...
  14. R

    Jacuzzi Baths

    Hi All, Anyone have any idea of the cost of replacing a shower with a corner jacuzzi bath with shower screen? Just a ball park figure or an educated guess would do. Cheers Ann
  15. Grebas

    Turkish Baths

    Is there a turkish bath in Icmeler or is it in Marmaris.Is there seperate days for men and women or is it mixed.Dont no if I can handle a man washing me :lol: We are out in Turunc from the 3rd sep and Ive always fancied a turkish bath but never had the nerve to do it.My hubby wont come with me...
  16. M

    turkish baths

    hi all can anyone reccommend agood turkish baths on the peninsula and is there female massers. not for me its for the wife she would feel happier thanks michael
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