1. K

    EU bans bass fishing

    I know it's January 1st not April 1st but this is the sort of thing that really is unacceptable. Brussels to Britain's anglers - Happy New Year, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN, you're nicked...  | Daily Mail Online
  2. rc202122

    bass fishing

    hi im going to kusadasi this weekend for two weeks, iv been about 5 or 6 times before but only fished once from a boat, i wanted to know if there is any sea bass fishing in kusadasi or what is the sea fishing like from the shore, would it be best to fish at night? ill br bringing my own rod...
  3. peter the postie

    Sea bass

    Right, I have never tasted Sea bass, but it seems to be popular in Turkey. I fancy having a go at cooking some when we next come out, so has anyone got any yummy ways of cooking it? I can do it by conventional oven, or crockpot. Come on, help me impress my wife (again:) )
  4. cirali

    Stuffed Sea Bass / Balaton Salad

    Hi all here is a new receipe that I found today. Sea Bass ( Coupra ) is a very popular fish dish in Turkey. Gourmand's corner Sunday, November 5, 2006 Stuffed Sea Bass: Ingredients (serves 2): Stuffing : 2 tablespoons butter...
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