1. shirleyanntr

    who can we bash today

    theres nothing so popular on this forum as bashing something or somebody somebody puts up an opinion and somebody feels it must be bashed :brick: weve bashed the Uk weve bashed Turkey bashed women that leave their knickers in the airport given a good bashing to the EU bashed Cameron and...
  2. concala

    Invite to my birthday bash

    Its my birthday on 1st feb and i'm having a party at Valentines on saturday the 31 jan so if anyone is out please come and celebrate it with me. 8 till late
  3. Sniffy

    First bash at Website

    Hey folks I was trying for ages (hours and hours - at least 3 weekends!) to build a wee site for the apartment. I even bought the blinkin domain thingy -Now I'm not at all technical, but am a lass that will have a go. I should have known better...god it was a nightmare!! Then Daughter 1...
  4. Ms Who

    Some photos from DTB's Birthday Bash

    Just a few snaps from last night - Dave looked really well and has cut down on the "F" word using it only about 10 times!! Apologies to Anne for not waiting for her to take her glasses off!! lol and I wont paste the one of Lady Sylv falling asleep cos she will kill me!
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