1. bickern

    New Microsoft Edge based on Chromium

    The new Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and was released on January 15, 2020. It is compatible with all supported versions of Windows, and macOS. Downloading the browser will replace the legacy version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 PCs. I was using the beta for quite a while and swapping...

    Web based security cameras

    I know this has been covered in the past but I was wondering if anyone can recommend some sort of web based camera I can purchase in the Uk or Turkey. Really looking for something simple to set up.... that can be tracked via a phone. Some idiot tried to break into my house recently even with the...
  3. S

    UK Based Turkish/English Lawyer Needed

    Hi All Can anyone recommend a trustworthy lawyer based in the UK who could arrange a power of attorney for a Turkish property sale. Thanks in anticipation. Sunseeker
  4. pembelu

    WANTED- tumble dryer / fridge freezer .can collect. koycegiz based.

    anyone selling pls contact me thanks and decent fridge freezer also pls
  5. Fuzzy

    Plant based Diet

    Is anybody on the forum on the " Plant Based Diet " ? Have you watched the film " Forks over knives " etc ..l'm wondering how easy is it to buy dairy free items soya milks and cheeses etc ??
  6. jandj

    UK based question

    A few years ago we lived in Germany where we used to buy smoked pork chops, called kassler. I have looked everywhere for a UK outlet that sells smoked pork chops. Does anyone know of such a place. They really are delicious. Thanks for any help :hungry:
  7. H

    Oil based wood stain ?

    Sorry, I don't know if what I am looking for is "wood stain" in English. I hope so. We need "wood stain" to paint wooden garden furniture. Here at home there are many products and many of them are oil based. It's not paint, it's transparent, quite liquid and comes in all colours. We are using it...
  8. teosgirl

    ITV wales investigates Kusadasi based property scam

    Here's a link to the online video available for those with either a British IP, or an IP hider such as expat shield. S4/Clic Y Byd ar Bedwar The programme focuses on a welsh couple who are being evicted from their villa in Kusadasi because of a property scam. Worth watching, Charlotte...
  9. suzyq

    Internet Based system to take over Work Permit applications

    Companies will soon be able to submit applications for work permits for their foreign employees over the Internet, thereby avoiding the massive bureaucratic burden currently involved. Internet-based system to take over work permit applications
  10. O

    Lawyer based around Alanya

    Hi everyone, Having major major problems getting our Tapu (outstanding since oct 2004) appears it is now being used as collateral with a bank so we need to check if there are any outstanding debts levied against our property (which apparently legally isn't even ours as the Tapu is still...
  11. Martyn

    Google to bring out an operating system based on Linux

    Google joins battle with Microsoft with Chrome operating system - Times Online
  12. S

    Google Based Land Posting

    Google Based Real Estate Posting Hello All, I created this web site since I was tired of the similar ones in Turkey: Turkish version: English version: It's a Property Posting site where you can mark your property on a...
  13. rosewall1

    address based registration

    For those of you that read the Bodrum Observer this is a bit of an update. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about I will try to make it simple although I have my doubts that I will be able to explain it properly. In March 2007 there was a census which should include all...
  14. Karyn UK

    UK Based Weekend Courses in Buying Property Abroad

    For the Innocent, The Wary and The Prudent We are now offering a range of services for people about to buy property abroad. UK Based Weekend Courses - A friendly, relaxed course that prepares you for your adventures in buying abroad. We cover contracts, self build, dealing with viewings...
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