1. suzyq

    Seed Bartering Festival - Urla

    A seed bartering festival will take place in the Urla district of Turkey’s İzmir province in October, aimed at protecting and reviving endangered seeds and enriching the natural wealth of the region. The festival will be held on Oct. 4 in the Malgaca market square, giving attendees the chance...
  2. M


    Do you barter in restaurants the same as the shops? Also would I be better using Lira or Pound, when I went years ago they all wanted pounds but with the exchange rates that may have changed. One other thing, where do you start the barter? I remember going at about 50%. Cheers.
  3. J


    Do people barter on houses in Turkey like they do on everything else. We are about to put an offer in on a house and didnt know whether we could put in a lower price. ( The houses are cheap enough as it is). Are we just plain cheeky!
  4. P


    when bartering in shops etc is it better to do it in sterling or lira[:p]
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