1. A

    Metal bars - costing?

    I know this is potentially how long is a piece of string scenario. However, can anyone give any idea on what an acceptable costing is for metal grills on windows - those which are drilled through into the wall. I know it will vary on size and style etc just a rough idea to help ensure I am not...
  2. S

    Worst bars

    As an antidote to my thread about unusual and appealing hostelries what about the worst pubs you have encountered - Sadly in this part of Beal Feirste we have a few dives Not going into some of the utterly shocking stuff during our conflict but keeping it to " normal times" only- Two I can...
  3. H

    Bars restaurants shops open out of season

    Which bars restaurants and shops tend to stay open out of season? Thanks
  4. A

    Bars and disco knocked down in Side

    I just heard that the Lighthouse Disco and The End restaurant have been knocked down in Old Town Side to make way for boats. Also Garden Beach Bar and Shanty Bar have been demolished as there was some problem with their rights to the land there. :crying:
  5. O

    Nearest town with bars and shopping to Turquoise resort?

    Can anyone give some local info. I know there are 2 bars outside the turquoise (sunset and ocean view). Where is the nearest town with bars and clothes it Gulluk? We went to Bodrum last night but the dolmus took us 50mins and the taxi back was 120tl so I'm trying to see if...
  6. W

    New Bars or Entertainment in Altinkum

    This may be a bit early, but does anyone know if any new bars or entertainment will be on in Altinkum this season? Also, not sure if we should go in May with all the building work going on and as Ramadan starts on 18th June the resort gets a bit quieter than usual and less atmosphere. Although...
  7. G

    bars that have music and dont charge double the price

    hi heading out to alanya this day 2 week and would love to have a bit of craic some music while having a drink but i was in the queens garden and the price the charge for drink is too much dont mind paying a bit extra but not double if you know of anywhere please share thanks ann
  8. durham rader


    Have heard that a few bars have moved ,jacks bar moved to Churchill,s premises.chill out bar moved down towards front is this true .
  9. bal canavar

    Antalya Bars Syrian Refugee's

    The Police Chief and the new AKP Belidiye officials of Antalya have introduced a local bylaw and have barred entry to any Syrian refugees , if found in Antayla they will have 14 days to vacate, but reports say they are being moved on the same day . Here in Istanbul the Syrian refugees are...
  10. W

    Bars on complexes

    The current bar tapu on our complex belongs to the developer who in turn rents it out to a local entity. Why the deveolper has ownership of the bar tapu has always been a puzzle to me especially as the bar is sited on condominium common ground .However I digress. I have today heard whispers...
  11. ExG

    Football in Bars

    Are the bars in the Fethiye/Ovacik/Olu Deniz areas showing the football this season as Newcastle are playing Leicester and Spurs while I'm there. I know there were problems earlier in the year and I'm wondering if it has been sorted
  12. bal canavar

    Touristic Bars handed over to RELIGIOUS body

    Alacati a popular tourist town on the Agean coast outside Izmir has had its entertainment area with bars and restaurants taken off the Izmir governors office and given the control to The Religious Affairs Directorate (diyanet ). The move has caused a outcry over the alleged attempt to" impose...
  13. B

    Restaurants and bars

    Can anyone tell me what restaurants and bars have reopened this year and what ones have closed down please thank you:)
  14. ExG

    Football in Bars

    I'll be in Ovacik in October and was wondering if there's any update on Al Jazeera and whether the bars have got anything sorted for the matches this season and hopefully into next season
  15. Chris&Cem


    Can anyone recommend any good bars in Gum. Where do peeps hang out this year? Thanks
  16. G

    Antalya Bars & Nightclubs

    Hi What part of Antalya has all the bars & Nightclubs? I am staying central. Me & a group of mates are visiting in mid September. Many thanks Paul
  17. Y

    resturants bars sky sports

    hello everyone, i am coming to akbuk on the 4th of july.i own an apartment there and just wondered if there are any resturants or bars with sky sports. with the rugby and the ashes coming up. many thanks.:thanks:
  18. perfect1949

    how many restaurants and bars will close this year

    I think some restaurants and bars are getting far too expensive these days , for instance there is no way I would pay 11 TL for an efes when I can buy it for 5 TL . So are some restaurants and bars going to price themselves out of business . Dave and shirley
  19. F

    bars open in kemer district of side

    holidayed at gazipasa pasha star every year for the last 12 years but allways in the summer..coming over for the new year celebrations and staying in an apartment nr the hotel as its closed for winter.Just curious to know which of my fav bars nd restaurants are open in that area i:e...
  20. C

    favourite restaurants & Bars

    Just out of interest what is your favourite restaurant and bar? And why? is it price, food, service, location, or its different than that you'd get back home/ Its just to see what everyone likes? I want to explore the different restaurants and the different flavours of turkey. Thanks :thanks:
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